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PalmBody Massager Heads


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These 100% silicone attachments add more versatility and options to your PalmPower Massager The PalmBody set includes 2 attachments when used with PalmPower will help to alleviate your stress and provide and invigorating massage on areas that are usually overlooked!

***Note: these massager attachments are only compatible with the PalmPower Recharge Massager and the PalmPower Massager***

Product Dimensions: 

  • Palm Finger - Two pointed edges to relax every muscle in your fingers and palm. Measures 2.5" x 1.375" x .75".
  • Palm Curve - Two rounded edges glide over your arm, legs and body for a truly magnificent massage. Measures 1.75" x 3" x .625".

Recommended Use: Vaginal, Clitoral, G-spot

Materials: 100% Silicone 

Recommended Lubes: We recommend water based lubes only. Silicone-based lubes may damage the silicone materials on the toy. 

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