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Magnifique Bra Chain

Bijoux Indiscrets

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The Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique line of accessories are inspired by the New York cabaret dancers of the 1920's. The collection's chains can be adapted to your body with their adjustable clasp to embrace your body, highlighting your most sensual areas.The chains are nickel-free to prevent allergic reactions. And remember, the Magnifique collection can be worn for both fashion, or for erotic play. 

The Magnifique Bra Chain is perfect worn over or under clothes, letting the little chains show where your skin peeps through. It can also be worn with lingerie or on bare skin. 

How to Wear: Place the accessory over your neck. Like a bikini top, place the two triangles over your breasts. Wrap the two longest chains around your waist. You can tighten or loosen them thanks to the adjustable clasp.

*Available in gold and silver colors.

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