Elvie is an award-winning exercise tracker for the pelvic floor. Simply place inside, connect to the app and track kegel strength. As the muscles contract, the on screen gem lifts, allowing users to see their pelvic floor exercises in real time. The six unique games were designed with the help of physiotherapists and experts from Imperial College and University of Oxford. From Speed, which challenges fast-twitch muscles, to Hold which builds endurance, the exercises give the pelvic floor a full workout. Elvie is the most personal trainer - motivating and correcting as users exercise, and tracking progress over time.

The pelvic floor is a powerful little set of muscles that sits like a hammock between the tailbone and pubic bone. When healthy and toned they prepare your body for pregnancy, childbirth, ageing and impact sport. Pelvic floor exercise is recommended by health authorities around the world to prevent or treat pelvic floor problems, improving symptoms in over 70% of cases. But women either don’t know how to do them or do them incorrectly. Biofeedback is the only thing that has been shown to work effectively but the technology has only been available in hospitals until recently. Elvie is the smallest Kegel exercise tracker available and the only one to detect whether users are exercising correctly using motion sensors. At the same time, the force sensors measure the strength of the wearer's squeeze and Bluetooth connects to the app allowing users to visualize each exercise.

Included: Elvie kegel trainer, optional cover, carry case, micro USB charging cable, quick start guide.

Product Dimensions: 80mm (height), 35mm (width), 33mm (diameter)

Recommended Use: kegel exercise 

Materials: Medical-grade silicone

Waterproof: Yes

Powered: Yes

Power Type: Internal rechargeable battery

Rechargeable: Yes, USB charging cable included. Charges fully in 1 hour and 1 month battery life (normal use).

Wireless Connection: Connect Elvie via Bluetooth using the tracking app. App is compatible with both Android and iPhone.

Cleaning & Care: We recommend thoroughly cleaning with soap & water, Toy Cleaner safe.

Recommended Lubes: We recommend using only water based lubes with this product. Silicone lubes may damage the toy's silicone material.

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