The Dodil is a revolutionary 'do-it-yourself' dildo. From only one Dodil, you can make many different sizes and shapes fitting your individual preference and anatomy. Simply put, the Dodil is as easy as heat-shape-cool-enjoy, and then repeat whenever wanted. The Dodil's silicone has the ability to stretch up to 900% of its original shape and can not break from shaping the product using your hands or soft objects. With the use of the included cord, you can shape the Dodil by binding it part by part making some very unique and pleasurable textures. Besides being sensationally satisfying, the Dodil is good for your economy as well as for the environment as it is non-toxic and biodegradable. This dildo is so extremely versatile and should give you hours upon hours of creative enjoyment...and, hopefully, plenty of orgasms!

****Available with or without thermos****

    Included: Dodil, teal storage/heating vessel steel thermos, 29.5 inch shaping cord, 1 year warranty. 

    Product Dimensions: 7.5 inches (length), 1.6 inches (diameter)

    Recommended Use: Vaginal, Anal (Note: be careful when using for anal stimulation as the Dodil does not have a flared base)

    Materials: Outside layer is body-safe silicone, Inner core is non-toxic and biodegradable thermoplastic, Stabilizing handle is ABS-plastic (non-toxic & body-safe)

    Powered: No

    Waterproof: Yes

    Harness Compatible: No

    Suction Compatible: No

    Cleaning: We recommend cleaning with a toy sanitizer or just soap and water. Additionally, every time the Dodil is heated in boiling water (if even just for a few minutes to make it softer), it becomes sterilized.

    Recommended Lubes: Please use a water-based lube as silicone-based lubes may damage the toy's silicone material. 

    Below are the steps necessary to shape the Dodil:

    1. Place the Dodil in the included thermos flask with the icon pointing upwards and fill up, close to the rim, with boiling hot water.
    2. Place the thermos on a straight and moist-secure surface, put the lid back and wait for 30 minutes.
    3. Pour away about half of the hot water and let the Dodil rest for 20-30 seconds before picking it up. If the Dodil still feels too hot you can pour some cold water onto it.
    4. (A) Initially, the Dodil will be very squishy and keep retracting. But, after 5 minutes it starts reacting to your grip. Enjoy the warm squishiness and experiment with what shape you want to make for 5-10 minutes using your hands or the included cord. (B) As soon as you have decided on a shape you just hold still in this position until it becomes completely rigid. For the best result, we recommend to cool it rigid under cold water. Avoid to knead the material when it has turned semi-rigid, since this might cause edges which can harm the silicone from inside.
    5. If there are edges and crevices in the surface, reheat the Dodil for 1-2 minutes. It will then turn smooth and shapeable again, and they will disappear. And the best of all: Reheat and reshape again, whenever you feel trying a new design.

    Precautions: The Dodil is manufactured very much like a thicker condom of silicone, covering the moldable and heat-sensitive thermoplastic. Even with the silicone being extremely durable and stretchy, we recommend that you follow these instructions for the durability and care of the Dodil:

    1. Do not poke the dodil with your nails
    2. Do not apply any hard or sharp objects
    3. Do not stretch or pinch the dodil and leave it to cool down, since that will create jutting and possibly sharp edges on the inside
    4. Be careful when putting back the dodil into the thermos – hitting the dodil against the rim, or other sharper edges might damage the silicone
    5. Do not pull on the dodil – rather squeeze and stroke, to make the inside material move instead
    6. Do not push all, or the majority of, the inside material to the top or the bottom of the dodil and leave it to cool in that shape
    7. Do not bend the dodil into two halves (like a sandwhich) and leave it to cool in that shape
    8. Do not use or leave the dodil to cool with an uneven and cracked surface (smaller cracks are fine) – reheat the dodil for about 1-2 minutes to get a smooth surface instead


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