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Couples Playthings was designed to be a sexual "community” for ALL couples. It doesn't matter if you and your partner are gay, straight, trans, bi, disabled, young or old...we're here to serve all couples. Just to mention, it's also a pretty fun place for single people as well! We truly believe in building long-lasting relationships with our community members and customers by creating a safe place for couples to obtain information about their sexual health and wellness.

We've included an extensive articles section discussing new ideas for sexual exploration, couples communication, and several other interesting topics. You'll also find several articles that cover our own experiences as we want everyone to know that "we practice what we preach." We've also included a forum-style advice section which allows anyone to ask questions relating to sexuality, relationships, etc. The questions will be answered by us, or possibly a certified sex therapist and posted anonymously. We care about your sexual well-being and want your relationship to be the best it can be!

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