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How We Started

Several years ago, Robin (aka Mrs. Playthings) was an independent sales consultant and sold adult novelties via in-home hosted parties. She gained a vast amount of knowledge both using and selling sex toys. However, the only thing lacking in her business was quality products. It seemed a majority of the products were overpriced and manufactured with poor quality standards. Eventually, Robin decided to end her career as a consultant. 

A couple of years later we were cleaning out our storage room and stumbled upon the product samples she used at her toy parties. Thinking we would have some fun, we opened each of her storage bins filled with the toys. Much to our surprise, many of these toys had melted together and were damaged leaving them utterly useless. At that very moment Liam (aka Mr. Playthings) decided to do some research as to why sex toys melt. Liam's conclusion was that many of these toys were made of unstable materials such as porous jelly which contained phthalates. Phthalates are toxic chemicals and can be very harmful to the body. Not to mention that the porous materials harbor bacteria and can never truly be completely sanitized.

We really wanted to incorporate couples sex toy play in our own relationship, but had no idea what toys were safe. More research was done and we concluded that silicone, wood, stainless steel and glass products were non-porous and a very body-safe alternative to the popular toxic jellies that many companies were selling at that time. After finishing our research, we ended up purchasing some high quality toys and incorporated them into our bedroom fun. Just as we expected, we were extremely happy with the outcome!

After several years of personal experience, we decided to make it our mission to inform the general public about using high quality, body-safe sex toys together for those intimate moments. In addition to providing valuable information, we also felt it necessary to make high quality sex toys and sexual wellness products easily available. After taking a giant leap of faith, Couples Playthings was born. 

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