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Product Spotlight: Zoe Twisty by Maia Toys

May 25, 2016

Product Spotlight: Zoe Twisty by Maia Toys

About the Brand

Maia Toys was established in 2010 in Los Angeles, CA. Maia Toys prides itself on producing quality rechargeable and battery-operated toys designed for comfort and functionality. Their products are now being widely recognized for the beautiful colors of these products. Maia has done a great job with their pricing by making each product very affordable. We’re excited about their products and cannot wait to see what they develop in the future.

About the Product

The Zoe is part of Maia’s "Porpora Twistty" line of products and is available only in the color purple. Zoe Twisty is made from coated in a soft, medical-grade silicone accentuated by ABS plastic around the buttons. For a wand, Zoe is on the smaller side and measures 8.5 inches in length. Having two separate motors, each end on the wand vibrates on its own. Charging is very easy as there is a small pinhole on the backside. To charge, simply plug the charger into the toy and allow a few hours for the wand to be fully charged. Included with the Zoe is a storage bag and charger. Another wonderful benefit of this toy is that it’s waterproof!

How it works

Once fully charged, Zoe is controlled by a three-button interface. The middle button, or power button, simply turns the wand on and off. The upper button controls the larger twisty wand head while the bottom button controls the smaller end. Each end has 10 vibrating and pulsating modes which allow you to find the perfect setting. Also, both ends can be powered at the same time, or, you can power up either end by itself. The larger wand head is perfect for external massage and we’ve noticed the head is somewhat flexible allowing the want to stimulate hard-to-reach places on the body. The smaller end is perfect for internal stimulation. Since the bottom of the wand is narrower, it can be inserted into the vagina as well as for clitoral stimulation. With a wonderful waterproof design, don’t hesitate to have fun in the shower or bathtub. When using lube with this wand, be sure to only use a water-based lubricant. Since the wand is made from silicone, damage can be done using silicone-based lubricants.


Cleaning is a breeze since it is waterproof and made from silicone. Zoe can be cleaned with sex toy cleaner, or washed with antibacterial soap followed with a hot water rinse. Be sure to take time cleaning around the buttons as well.

Our Experience

We have played with Zoe several times and have gotten various results. With that said, we'd like to break things down from each of our own perspectives.

Robin says: I really love the design of this wand and I’ve come to appreciate the versatility that Zoe offers. Not only can I use it as a massage head for external stimulation, but I’m able to use the other end for penetration. When it comes to sex toys, my motto is: “you get what you pay for.” Being less expensive, I expected it to be buzzy and lower in quality. In no way can I compare this to my Doxy wands, however, I was surprised that the vibrations were deep and rumbly. The massage head is super smooth and I’ve had some great orgasms when pressing it against my clit. As for the small vibrator end, it is definitely not as deep and rumbly. Since it’s more on the buzzy side, I also found it really enjoyable while stimulating my clit. When I’m in need of a quick clitoral orgasm, this works pretty well. The small end also felt really good when inserting it into my vagina and has proved to be very useful to heat me up before Liam and I have sex. I was hoping that it would work on my G-spot, but I wasn’t able to reach it properly. All-in-all, I definitely like this wand.

Liam says: For my own use, I can only appreciate the smaller end of this wand. On several occasions, Robin has used the small end by pressing it against my perineum which sent buzzy vibrations all over. As a couples toy, I also like the versatility of Zoe. I’ve had lots of fun using both ends on Robin. She’s able to lay back and enjoy all the pleasure that this wand offers. It’s definitely able to produce intense pleasure and I’ve witnessed Robin orgasm several times using this wand. For the price of this wand, I was certain it wouldn’t be that great of quality…I was wrong.

Recommended Use

We definitely recommend this wand to beginners. For those with little to no experience with sex toy play, Zoe’s versatility allows for both external and internal stimulation without having to purchase multiple toys. This wand is also very affordable in comparison to other wands on the market. With that said, those who are new to toy play and don’t like it, a lot less money is lost in comparison to purchasing more pricey wands.

Likes & Dislikes

Of course, with all toys, there always seems to be some pros and cons. We’ve listed some of ours below.

Things We Like:

  • Two motor design
  • Versatile: both ends vibrate!
  • Affordable: half the cost of other wands
  • Great vibration/pulse patterns

Things We Dislike:

  • Small vibrating end’s vibrations are too buzzy
  • Small end isn’t long enough for G-spot stimulation


As we said before, the Zoe Twisty is definitely one of the more versatile toys on the market. We haven’t found another wand that allows both ends to vibrate. If you don’t want to spend too much money on a wand, this could be a perfect fit for you.  If you are interested in purchasing Zoe, please click here.


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 Thanks again,
 Robin & Liam

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