Product Spotlight: WARM

June 04, 2018

Product Spotlight: WARM-Couples Playthings

About the Brand

WARM, Inc. is an amazing new company devoted to making products that “bring heat to life.” We were intrigued when we initially heard about the company and the products that were being developed. As it turned out, we were beyond impressed with the great people that we had the pleasure of corresponding with. Throughout our discussions, we could tell that they were passionate about bringing products to market that make sensual experiences more enjoyable. The first of their products brought to market is the WARM, which we’ve spent several hours testing and we’ve simply fallen in love.


About the Product

WARM is a very sexy and discreet vegan leather pouch designed for heating your sex toys. The pouch itself has two layers, the vegan leather exterior, and the inside warming element which is lined with a very elegant purple satin-like fabric. When closed, WARM measures 13” (length) x 2.25” (thickness) x 6.5” (width). Thickness will vary once your favorite pleasure products are placed inside. WARM is simple to use: place your favorite toys on the heating pad, roll them up and fold the leather exterior. Using the included detachable cord and power adapter, simply plug the cord into an electrical outlet and press the power button and let your toys heat up. The beautiful purple glow of light on the controller indicates that it is on. For dildos with larger bases, the outer flap can be left open so the base sticks out of WARM allowing the shaft to warm. To keep the base warm, place a towel (or a Cumpanion) overtop of WARM’s open end and base and the entire toy will be nice and warm too.


Depending on the toys material, it can take roughly 20 to 45 minutes to heat…we’ll get into that in greater detail later. Due to WARM’s elegant design, it can be carried when travelling and nobody will think it’s anything more than a clutch purse. And, you’ll look extremely sophisticated carrying this around in your sexy red dress! When WARM is not being used, a tote bag is also included to store it and the cords.


Our Experience

We’ve tested the WARM many times and we really enjoy it. Here’s what we think about it…

Robin says: I love that I can take my favorite toys, wrap them up into WARM, and then let them sit to warm up while I get myself ready for playtime. In most cases, the WARM is something that sits near our Love Altar when it’s time for some sensual and erotic massages. In the past, we would warm our toys using warm/hot water…and many times they were too hot. We would then have to run them under cool water to reduce temperature. This cumbersome process made it very difficult finding the perfect temperature. WARM has been an instant remedy and the temperature of our toys are absolutely perfect and make for an enjoyable playtime.


I also love the discreet appearance of WARM. We have two extremely curious teenagers at home and I can leave the WARM sitting on my nightstand or bathroom counter without any hesitation or worries that they’ll ask what it is since it looks so much like a purse or storage for my cosmetics. I love the WARM and am so happy that this product exists. 

Liam says: Since we live in the northern part of the United States, we have extremely cold winters and we’re not always excited about playing with cold toys. We received our WARM this past winter and have tested it in several different settings and environments. To prove how great it heats toys up, I let the WARM do what it does best in our garage at an inside temperature of 37° F. I also left it outside on our back porch exposed directly to a temperature -2° F. In both test environments, I was very skeptical that it would heat the toys to a desired temp, but I was wrong. The toys all ended up being comfortably warm whether they were exposed to extreme cold or heated indoors. And, the toys didn’t take any longer to heat up outdoors. We really love the WARM...a lot!


Recommended Use

We especially recommend using the WARM to heat toys made of metal, ceramics/porcelain, stone, and glass. At least for us, we don’t feel it necessary to heat toys made of PVC, ABS plastic, or silicone with the WARM as body heat transfers to those materials rather quickly. Here’s a breakdown of suggested heating times for each material.


  • Glass, Ceramics/Porcelains, Stone: Depending on the size of the toys, they typically take 20 to 35 minutes to heat up.


  • Metal (stainless steel, aluminum): It typically takes 25 to 45 minutes to heat depending on their size.



  • Silicone, ABS plastic, PVC: Normal heating time ranges from 20 to 35 minutes.


Likes & Dislikes

As with any product, there always seems to be some pros & cons. We’ve listed some of ours below:

Things We Like:

  • It’s a safe way to heat toys.
  • WARM has a discreet and elegant appearance.
  • Using Warm is simple!
  • A perfect addition to temperature play.
  • Creates anticipation for playtime.

Things We Dislike:

  • Absolutely nothing…it makes our toys nice and warm for goodness sake!



We had lots of fun testing the WARM and really put it through its paces…especially during the winter months. Keep in mind that toys are equally as cold (maybe colder) in the summer months since so many of us rely on air conditioners to cool our homes. Doing so also keeps toys colder too! Safe and enjoyable playtime is very important to us and WARM has been a fine addition. In fact, we love the WARM so much, we absolutely felt the need to sell it on our site. If you or your partner are interested in purchasing this amazing product, please click here. We’re very confident that you won’t be disappointed!


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Thanks again,
Robin & Liam

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