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Product Spotlight: Venus 2000

January 13, 2018 2 Comments

Product Spotlight: Venus 2000

A few months ago we were given a rare opportunity to obtain a demo Sybian for review. As it turns out, the Sybian totally rocked Robin’s world while leaving Liam completely in a state of jealousy. Due to Liam’s jealous condition, we hinted to our amazing Abco representative: “If you ever need a review of the Venus 2000, please let us know.” Much to our surprise, we received a reply the very same day letting us know that we’d be receiving the Venus and all attachments. But first, our representative needed Liam’s penis measurements to custom fit the stroking receiver.  

Robin says: Never in a million years did I think Liam would be measuring his penis as I thought this was something that only adolescent boys do. However, I couldn’t resist and had to be in on the action! With string and a ruler in hand, I grabbed Liam’s other hand and lead him into the bathroom and ordered him to drop his pants so I could help take the necessary measurements. After giving him a relaxing hand job (making him fully erect), we carefully wrapped the string around four different areas on his penis marking each different measurement. Once all the marks were made on the string, we laid the string out on a ruler to decipher and record each measurement. The circumference measurements required were: around the head of the penis at biggest point, where the head meets the shaft, halfway down the shaft, shaft one inch from the body. Lastly, I measured his length from base to tip. We quickly sent the ‘top secret’ measurements back to our representative so the receiver could be built. It’s not every day that you’re sharing the measurements of your partner’s dick with someone you’ve never met…at least not for us anyways. LOL!


About Venus for Men

The Venus 2000 is a hands-free masturbation machine designed for penis stroking and pumping. The Venus unit itself is fairly small with the following dimensions: 6” (width), 8” (height), and 9.5” (length) and weighs roughly 11 pounds.

Included in each Venus package is: Venus unit, Power Cord, Air Control Box, Detachable Remote on 4’ cable, Custom Receiver, 30” of replacement liner, one 4’ large hose (for attachments), one 4’ small hose (for Air Control Box), Storage Bag, Cleaning Brush, 1/8” Allen Wrench, 4.4 oz bottle of ID Glide, Instruction Manual, and Assembly Manual. The Venus also has a 2-year limited warranty.

There are also optional attachments available at an additional cost. If you’re looking for a high quality pump, the Pump attachment is a great option. We were really happy upon discovering that Head/Nipple Massagers are available too. Each of these is sold separately, or there is an option to buy a set of two which comes with extra hose and a “T” connector for simultaneous use. All of the attachments use a clear acrylic housing and the liner material is made from allergy-free dry natural rubber. Stay tuned as we’ll be telling you exactly how every single attachment worked for us…


How it works


The Remote Control unit is pretty straight-forward and easy to use. The red toggle switch lights up red when powered. The dial controls the strokes and intensity with a range of 8 to 300 strokes per minute. Yeah, we said that right…300 strokes per minute! Turn the dial clockwise to increase, counter-clockwise to decrease.

The Air Control Box is (in our opinion) the most important part of the overall proper function of the Venus 2000 as it controls the amount of air within the system. Both of these buttons only work correctly while the unit is running. We found that it works best to tap the button only 2 or 3 times and then give the airflow changes about 15 to 20 seconds to adjust. The red button (Put Air In) increases the stroke length on the receiver. Pressing this button too many times adds too much air resulting in the receiver flying off (trust us, we’ve shot the receiver off “Captain Happy” a few times). The green button (Take Air Out) decreases the stroke length which keeps the receiver closer to the body. Be very careful as to not take too much air out as it can completely stop the stroking action and can overload the motor causing damage to the main unit.



Getting the Venus 2000 ready to use is quite simple! Here's the steps:


Step 1:

Attach the small rubber hose to the small port on the Venus unit and attach the air control box to the other end of the small hose as shown above.


Step 2:

Connect the large rubber hose to the large port on the Venus unit and whichever attachment to the other end. Note: each attachment has a small black rubber cap that needs to be removed before attaching to the large rubber hose.


Step 3:

Insert the remote control into the Venus unit as shown above. 


Step 4:

Attach the power cord to the Venus unit and plug into a wall outlet.


Step 5:

The Venus 2000 is now ready to go…all you have to do is add some lube, flip the red toggle so it is lit up, and give the remote’s dial a slow turn. Simple Right!?


Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning the Venus 2000 was also extremely simple considering the only mess lies within the attachment itself. Once removing the air hose from the attachment, a small black cap needs to be placed onto the port where the air hose connects. Afterwards, fill the attachment with hot soapy water and scrub with the included cleaning brush. Once the attachment is clean, let it air dry. One word of caution…Never use the Venus 2000 with an attachment that is not dry. If so, moisture will be sucked through the air hose and into the motor. This could completely destroy a very expensive machine!


Our Experience

Although setup was simple for us, actually using the machine was a different story. It took a lot of trials to get things exactly right. Probably the most difficult thing for us was understanding the Air Control Box. Once we figured out how to properly control the airflow, things got crazy fun! Here’s some of our experiences using each of the attachments.


Liam Says: In my opinion, the Receiver is the main attachment for the Venus 2000. I like to call it a ‘milker’ as it does exactly that…it milks every last drop of cum. Starting out was extremely frustrating for me as I couldn’t figure out the damned air control box. My first four ‘hands-free’ trials wound up with the receiver completely flying off of my penis. I’d messed around with the air control box each time, but it just wasn’t working correctly. However, I was still able to have amazing orgasms as I decided to keep ahold of the receiver to ensure I got the stimulation I was looking for. After having so many issues, I reached out to my Abco representative and she sent me a new receiver that was slightly larger in diameter. That definitely fixed the issue as I was able to have hands-free orgasms every single time from that point on. On several occasions, I kept the Venus 2000 running after ejaculating. Much to my surprise, I was able to have multiple orgasms! Overall, the receiver is definitely my favorite attachment and it does its job extremely well.

As far as our mutual playtime is concerned, the Venus 2000 has definitely grown very popular for Robin and me. We often use the receiver attachment during erotic massages and for edging. I’ll let Robin tell you more about that in just a moment. One thing we didn’t realize, the receiver can be used for clitoral stimulation! I had an opportunity to place the receiver around Robin’s clit and she immediately started panting once the dial was turned way up. As I continued holding the receiver in one hand against her, my free hand was left to caress her stomach, shoulders and breasts. It was so extremely hot (and fulfilling) watching her reactions as she moved closer and closer to orgasm. And the result…a squirting orgasm!

Robin Says: After having the opportunity to experience the Sybian, I was really excited that Liam was able to have his own ‘sex machine’ to review. When we first received the Venus 2000, I left Liam alone in the bedroom to figure things out. I felt really bad for him when he told me that he couldn’t get it working correctly. After all problems were resolved, it was ‘all hands on deck’ for me as I wanted to partake in the fun. My greatest moment being involved happened on our popular ‘Love Altar’ (massage table). My “inner devil” took ahold of me and I made Liam lie down on the table, blind-folded him, and Venus and I started having our way with him. And, I gave him one rule: hands and arms must be at his sides at ALL TIMES. After placing the receiver on him, I started the stroking action at a very slow pace. I gradually increased the intensity and sat back and watched his reactions. Once I could tell he was getting close to orgasm, I turned the machine completely off and would give him a rub-down for a few minutes. Then, I would turn Venus back on and do the same thing again. I ended up doing this cycle on him 6 (maybe 7) times before allowing him to ejaculate. I think it was just as big of a rush for me as it was for him.

As for my use of the receiver…it was quite amazing. Once the receiver was perfectly sealed around my clit, I instantly felt my clitoris pulsating with each cycle of air being pumped in and out of the receiver. And, as the ‘stroking’ action was increased, it drove me absolutely wild!!!



Liam Says: For me, the pump was my least favorite attachment. Don’t get me wrong…it wasn’t horrible, it just wasn’t ‘my thing.’ I have no problems whatsoever getting and maintaining an erection. I could see this attachment being very useful for someone having these issues. Also, I’m a huge fan of stimulation by means of movement and friction. This attachment simply sucks your member inside creating vacuum-like pressure and lacks the stimulation I like. Robin, however, liked watching the pump in action.

Robin Says: I didn’t use the pump on myself. Instead, I used it solely on Liam. With the tube being transparent, I found it very hot watching his cock be drawn inside. As minutes went by, I loved watching his gorgeous dick become engorged and swollen. For me, the real fun started after the pump attachment was removed. Liam felt slightly larger than normal and he felt completely different as I slid down on his shaft and rode him like a cowgirl.


Head Massager

Liam Says: The head massager is exactly like it sounds…it cradles around the glans and simulates a sucking sensation. As you dial up the intensity, the pulsations around the head of the penis become more and more rapid. Although I love this attachment, it’s very hard for me to reach orgasm from it alone. Instead, I like to use this immediately after using the receiver attachment. It’s a great way to add some variety to my playtime and I often ‘finish myself’ with it. 


Nipple Massagers

Robin Says: Liam had some difficulty using the nipple massager attachments. It was hard for him to maintain suction around his nipples. He told me that he’d rather have me pinching, licking or biting his nipples rather than this attachment, LOL! I, on the other hand, didn’t find any difficulty with the nipple massagers. In my opinion, they were fantastic! The nipple massagers sealed well against my breasts both with, and without, lube. They created a nice seal without lube, but after using them for a while, I noticed some slight skin discomfort. To remedy this, I used a little lube around the edge of the attachments. In doing so, I noticed that I had to keep ahold of both attachments otherwise the lube would allow them to slide off-center. Either way, I loved the sensations they created…and it was even more fun with Liam servicing my clit with his tongue at the same time. ; )


Likes & Dislikes

As with any product, there always seems to be some pros and cons. Here’s some of ours…

Things We Like:

  • Powerful suction and pulsations
  • It’s fairly quiet
  • Additional attachments to add variety to playtime
  • Very high quality
  • Customer service is 2nd to none!

Things we Dislike:

  • The entanglement of hoses and cords.



This was our very first time using a stroker/milking machine and our experience was far more enjoyable than we expected. In our opinion, nothing is better than sexual intercourse with your partner. But, using the Venus 2000 falls shortly behind in second place. This machine is so versatile due to the various attachments offered and is perfect for solo use, partner play, or during a BDSM scene. The Venus 2000 may have a learning curve at first, but once you get it figured out, the sky is the limit with this bad mama jama! Although it has a high price tag, it will last a very long time if properly maintained. If you’re interested in purchasing the Venus 2000, please click here.


We hope you have enjoyed this post. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions, concerns, or information you'd like to share. Be sure to check back for more product reviews or subscribe to our newsletter for automatic updates. We can also be reached directly via email at


Thanks again,
Robin & Liam

2 Responses


August 31, 2018

TJ, don’t hesitate in purchasing. I’ve had one for two months and it’s been out of this world! My wife is deployed for 6 months and it’s been more than enough to keep me satisfied, and then some! If you have any questions email me, I’d be glad to provide more in-depth info.
Great review and spot-on for my thoughts on the Venus. Thanks to Sybian for a quality product that performs well beyond expectations.

Theron Bieber
Theron Bieber

May 27, 2018

I really want a venus2000 for myself. I’ve always been a frequent masturbator since they age of around 12. And by frequent I mean a MINIMUM of 5 times daily…..usually more!!!! And I’m 47 now, my dick still gets hard constantly WITHOUT any kinda blue pills or pumps, ect so I guess I’m fortunate. However, recently single after 13 yrs on my past relationship so I’m REALLY putting in the solo time!!!!! This machine would be the answer to everything. HANDS FREE MILKING ME IS A DREAM CUM TRUE!!!!!!! If ever you have opportunities for a review of this machine or know of a used one for sale please contact me (812)430-7770
Thank you
TJ Bieber

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