Product Spotlight: TOUCH

July 25, 2018

Product Spotlight: TOUCH-Couples Playthings

About the Brand

If you’ve read our review of the WARM, you’ll likely notice that we’re very fond of the company WARM, Inc. and its founders. Well, what can is say…they’ve done it again! Janine and LJ, the “masterminds” behind the scenes at Warm, Inc. have created yet another amazing product to add more heat during playtime. TOUCH, their second product, has really added a new experience for us and we’re excited to tell all of you wonderful people more about it.


About the Product

TOUCH is an automated lubricant and massage oil dispenser…and it heats whatever you put in it! How’s it work? Well, it’s pretty simple. All that’s required is to plug TOUCH into an electrical outlet, remove the reservoir cap, and pour up to 4 ounces of your favorite lube or massage oil into the reservoir. After replacing the reservoir cap, press the power button and watch TOUCH come to life with a beautiful purple glow. Next, allow TOUCH to sit for 2 minutes while powered and you’re ready to go! With one simple movement of placing your palm inside the oval opening, a sensor is activated releasing some of the most delightfully warmed lube you’ve ever felt.

Above the power button is a second button which allows you to select the amount of lube to be dispensed. Atop the dispenser button is a lighted indicator which tells you the amount of lube that will be dispensed. The top light indicates .25ml, the middle .75ml, and the bottom 1.25ml. Also, have no worries if you forget to shut the TOUCH off. It has a built-in automatic shut-off after 60 minutes. Included with TOUCH is the power cord/adaptor, cleaning funnel, and user manual.


Our Experience

When we were asked to review TOUCH, they totally had us at warm lube. And, no mess and fumbling with slippery hands and bottles? Could this product really turn lubricant into a nectar from the gods? Simple answer; Yes. Here’s what each of us has to say…

Robin says: This is my first experience having warmed lube during playtime. In the past, I’ve had to settle for cold lube and it’s just not as enjoyable as starting out with a warm sensation. Having TOUCH at my bedside is a constant reminder to me that self-care is really important. With such a unique and beautiful design, it’s as if it’s saying to me “Hey Robin, I think it’s time to turn me on and have some fun.” LOL! I really love the purple glow of TOUCH when our bedroom is dark. Just look at this beautiful's like a beacon to sexual freedom! 

Currently, we’ve tried two different products in our TOUCH. First, we tried Sliquid Naturals H2O, and the second was a coconut massage oil. With each product, we had some really warm fun! I’ll let Liam tell you more…

Liam says: I’ve really enjoyed having warm lube during playtime. The warm feeling that TOUCH produces is so much better that cold lube straight from the bottle. In regards to massage time, TOUCH has now become a required addition. When taking turns massaging each other on our “Love Altar”, there’s no better feeling than heated massage oil. In the past, I would have to pump the oil from the bottle and briefly let the oil heat in my hand before making contact with Robin’s skin. With the help of TOUCH, I no longer have to wait for the oil to heat, and my hands can instantly focus on Robin’s pleasure without delay. 

TOUCH also has such a unique design and one that leaves people curious. Our oldest son came into our bedroom and noticed it on the nightstand. “Dad, what’s that thing?” he asked. “Oh, that’s just an essential oil diffuser. We turn it on at bedtime and it helps us sleep”, I replied. End of story…case dismissed and no other questions asked. We now use TOUCH on a regular basis and not quite sure we can go without it!


Recommended Use

If you’re tired of cold lube or massage oil, then TOUCH is a perfect addition. It can be used for all types of lubricants including silicone-based, water-based, hybrid, flavored…you name it and it will warm it. When it comes to massage time, TOUCH will also heat any type of oil that you want. For all we know, you could probably use TOUCH outside of the bedroom if you wanted. If you’re a fan of French toast sticks or mini pancakes, you might even be able to load TOUCH with some maple syrup (I’d ask the fine people at WARM, Inc. before doing so). If affordable, it may be a great idea to have two of these: one for lubricants and the other for massage oil. Having one on each side of the bed, one for lubricants and one for massage oil would be amazing. If that’s not practical, the good folks at Warm designed TOUCH with a built-in cleaning cycle. You can clean out any lube residue and refill with oil and back again. If you have a hybrid massage-lube formula you love, you can easily have the best of both worlds!


Likes & Dislikes

As with any product, there always seems to be some pros & cons. Here’s some of ours below:

Things We Like:

  • Heats lubes/oils very quickly!
  • TOUCH is simple to use.
  • Its purple glow makes for a good “beacon of hope” when navigating a dark bedroom.
  • The unique design is very visually appealing.
  • Has multiple dispense settings.

Things We Dislike:

  • Um, how could there be anything wrong with TOUCH? It makes you feel warm…



We’ve found lots of enjoyment using TOUCH and it has become an essential part of both our solo and couples playtime. TOUCH is an amazing product that we firmly stand behind and perfect for the most intimate of moments and during massage time. If you or your partner are interested in adding some additional heat to playtime, please click here to purchase. Lastly, we’d like to thank Janine and LJ at Warm, Inc. for creating another amazing product. We look forward to the future and can’t wait to see what the two of you come up with next!


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Thanks again,
Robin & Liam

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