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Product Spotlight: The Booty Glove

August 17, 2016

Product Spotlight: The Booty Glove

About the Brand

Booty Glove (aka: Saporno Brothers Inc.), a company based in California, is responsible for making a very unique massage glove. Through the course of our research, we could tell that a great amount of thought was used when creating these gloves. This company, as of now, only makes massage gloves and have not developed anything else. They’ve got a really good thing going with this product.  We were really excited when given an opportunity to test them for ourselves.

About the Product

The Booty Glove comes in two sizes: Extra Small – Medium and Medium – Extra Large. Three different colors are available: Passion Pink, Sky Blue, and Cloud Clear. The Passion Pink glove is size Extra Small – Medium while both the Sky Blue and Cloud Clear are Medium – Extra Large. All three gloves are made from a stretchy TPR (thermoplastic rubber) material. When we found out these were made from TPR, we instantly got a little nervous about them. With that said, we reached directly out to the manufacturer and were told that the gloves were body-safe and phthalate-free. They also advised that these gloves could be easily cleaned. Each glove is uniquely textured providing a versatile experience for solo masturbation or couples play.

How it works

These gloves have been designed so they can be worn on either hand. The palms and thumb have a ribbed texture that work great for external massage. For men, these ribs feel wonderful on your penis. Between the thumb and index finger lies a small hole that is the shape of a woman’s lips. This small hole is designed for additional penile stimulation by simply sticking your penis through the hole. Each finger is textured with raised nub ticklers allowing for extra clitoral stimulation. The textured fingers also feel great for G-spot, or P-spot, stimulation. The Booty Glove can easily be cleaned using antibacterial soap followed by a hot water rinse.

Our Experience

Liam says: It’s not very often that I masturbate as I always prefer Robin’s hands on me instead of my own. I will say that I’ve tried using the mouth-like opening between the index finger and thumb. It didn’t work very well for me as it was extremely tight. If there’s one thing I could suggest to the company…make the size of this opening larger. This glove has been a lot of fun using together. The ribs across the palm and thumb feel amazing when Robin strokes my cock. Remember, use plenty of lube or massage oil while playing. The friction created from using a dry glove on dry skin could get painful and even pull on body hair. Robin has also given me a full-body rub which also felt very different from massaging bare-handed.

We’ve tried prostate massage with the Booty Glove and I must say that the nub ticklers on the fingers felt really great. For those that want to try anal play, I have one suggestion…buy two gloves. Keep one glove specifically for anal play while the other can be used for everything else. By doing so, it may help prevent bacterial infections from occurring. Since the material is stretchy, my assumption is that it’s also porous. Porous toys cannot be completely sterilized. Therefore, if you were to have some bacteria from the rectum inside one of these pores, it could be transferred from the glove to the vagina even after being cleaned. As for prostate massage, Robin has worn the glove on several occasions which resulted in an explosive orgasm each time. I really like these gloves.

Robin says: Similar to Liam, I also tried using the Booty Glove for solo masturbation. Unfortunately, I didn’t really care for it. The nubby fingers felt really good but I couldn’t get myself to orgasm. It’s more of a mental thing for me and not the glove’s fault. When Liam wears the glove, the outcome is much different. I’ve had some really awesome G-spot orgasms due to the combination of Liam’s magical hands paired with the glove’s textured fingers. As for external massage, it definitely changes things up and the texture feels great. But, I’d rather have Liam’s bare hands on me.

When massaging Liam, I’ve found the ribbed palm to be very beneficial. While slowly stroking him, I slightly twist my wrist. For whatever reason, Liam reacts differently when I do this. He told me that it feels amazing. I haven’t experienced anal massage myself with the glove, but Liam loves it. I’ve had him on all fours while milking his prostate. Each time, he ejaculates huge loads. Overall, I really like these gloves and they’ve added some enjoyment to our erotic massage sessions.  

Recommended Use

If you enjoy solo masturbation, definitely give this glove a try. For couples that enjoy massaging each other, this could add some extra fun. Each texture is very unique and can provide extra sensations that a bare hand is unable to provide. The Booty Glove is perfect for anyone that appreciates versatility since they can be used externally or internally.

Likes & Dislikes

Of course, with all toys, there always seems to be some pros and cons. We’ve listed some of ours below.

Things We Like:

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile – can be used several different ways
  • Simple to use
  • Awesome textures!

Things We Dislike:

  • The mouth-like opening is too tight
  • We wish the glove was made from a soft silicone versus TPR


This wonderful glove has really added some fun to our erotic massage sessions. Whenever we decide to jump on our massage table for a rub-down, the Booty Glove is always on standby. We often like to mix things up and use these gloves to provide different sensations to each other. If you are interested in purchasing Hugo, please click here.


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Thanks again,
Robin & Liam

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