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Product Spotlight: MIMIC by Clandestine Devices

August 16, 2017

Product Spotlight: MIMIC by Clandestine Devices

About the Brand

Clandestine Devices, a California based company, has created their very first product, the MIMIC. Kimberly Faubel, director of operations, teamed up with Jules Jordan and they created an AMAZING product! Both Jordan and Faubel have over 14 years of industry experience and that shows as the MIMIC already won 2017 product of the year at StorErotica Awards at the ANME Founders trade expo in California.  We’re so excited for them and can’t wait to see what’s to come in the future!  

About the Product

The MIMIC has a very unique sleek design that flows with the contours of the body. With 8 different vibration patterns, you will definitely find a vibration that will trip your trigger. The MIMIC is primarily used for external use; however, could slightly tease the inside of some of your fun parts. MIMIC is made from body-safe silicone, 100% waterproof, has an LED light for playtime in the dark, and a travel lock to ensure your carry-on isn’t buzzing mid-flight.

The MIMIC is compact in size with an overall length is 4.2”, 1.5” top and 2.0” center and .75” top and .9” bottom. You can get approximately 90 minutes of use on a single charge. When the MIMIC is low on power, it will begin to rapidly flash a light. Along with the MIMIC, a USB charging cable, silk storage bag, and instruction manual are also included. The MIMIC comes in three colors: black, lilac and seafoam. Clandestine Devices offer a one-year warranty on the MIMC.

How it works

Charging the MIMIC is very simple. To charge, insert the included charging cap to the USB cable provided. Next, simply connect the USB to the side of the base of the MIMIC and plug the USB cable into any USB port. It’s that simple!  Before using for the first time, start by charging the MIMIC for 2 hours. Once fully charged, a power button can be found on the other side of the base on the MIMIC. There is a plus and a minus button on each side of the power button (center circle) to adjust to your preferred intensity.  To change the vibration mode, simply press the center circle.  To turn the MIMIC off, press and hold the power button for three seconds. When turning the MIMC back on, it will resume at a medium intensity vibration. Cleaning the MIMIC is very easy considering the waterproof design, simply clean the toy with an antibacterial soap and rinse under hot water.

Our Experience

When it comes to powerful vibrations, we think that the MIMIC is a fun toy for both of us! We’ve had a lot of experience with different vibrators over the years and this one really delivers. We’ll tell you all about our experience from each of our own perspectives.

Robin says: The MIMIC is different than any other toy I’ve tried.  I love the sleek design and smooth feel of it. What can I say…I love to touch and stroke soft and silky-smooth objects! Liam is always laughing at me because I touch and stroke everything. Seriously though, the MIMIC molds right in my hands, is soooo much fun to use, and is extremely quiet. I love using ours for both solo and partner play. I’ve tried every vibration mode and the caress is my favorite.  I enjoy a low vibration followed by a harder one and definitely builds me up to an orgasm.  Believe it or not, but it’s also great to use when you have a sore neck. The size of the MIMIC is perfect and you can take it anywhere with you.  Chances are, you could leave it on your nightstand and no one would recognize it was your vibe! 

Another great thing about this mini-vibe is that it’s compatible with some silicone dildos and vibrators. I’m definitely a multiple stimulation kind of girl and I really enjoy using the MIMIC on my clit while paired with a dildo or vibrator in my vagina at the same time. Pairing your favorite g-spot vibrator/dildo with the MIMIC feels amazing and the orgasms are intense!

Liam says:  I’m always telling Robin her hands are magic. However, when she adds the MIMIC things seem amplified. The MIMIC’s vibrations are pretty rumbly on the low settings and buzzier on higher ones. With that said, I really enjoy having buzzy vibrations when Robin gently grazes the MIMC across my nipples. We also discovered some intense sensations when pressing MIMIC against my perineum on the lower rumbly settings. At times when I was completely flaccid, it took only a matter of seconds to become fully erect!

I’ve had tons of fun using this on Robin too. MIMIC works great for clitoral stimulation. But, if there was one thing I could change about this vibrator, I would make MIMIC’s “tail” slightly longer and narrower. Doing so may allow for better stimulation for anyone with a buried clitoris. Similar to me, Robin also had a fond appreciation for the buzzy vibrations on her nipples…it was hot watching her squirm on our massage table as I grazed her nipples while she was blindfolded! Overall, this is one toy that we can’t live without, nor should anyone…

Recommended Use

The MIMIC was clearly designed for everyone’s pleasure. The MIMC can be used on the entire body, is perfect for solo play and partner play. As you can probably tell, we definitely recommend using it for partner play! MIMIC is fun using alone, but even more fun when allowing your partner at the controls.  

Likes & Dislikes

As with any toy, there always seems to be some pros and cons. Here’s some of ours…

Things We Like:

  • Perfect for all over stimulation
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 8 vibrations
  • Easy to use; single button design
  • Easy to clean

Things We Dislike:

  • We really can’t think of anything we didn’t like!


When it comes to stimulation, this is a great vibe to consider. It can provide stimulation for any part of the body. It’s definitely all-encompassing with a nice variety of vibration modes. And, you get both rumbly and buzzy vibrations which is great if you like both. If you are interested in purchasing the MIMIC, please click here and you’ll be directed to the individual product page where it can be purchased.


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Thanks again,
Robin & Liam

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