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Product Spotlight: HUM

January 15, 2017

Product Spotlight: HUM

About the Brand

Dimensional Industries, a company based in San Diego, California are the creators of the HUM. The company specializes in artificial intelligence, design and prototyping. The HUM is their first project and hopefully not their last. We’ve had several discussions with the company over the last several months and everyone was extremely helpful and passionate about the rise of HUM. We’re extremely grateful for such an amazing company!

About the Product

The HUM has a beautiful curvy shape and is approximately 7.25 inches in length and has a maximum diameter of 1.5 inches.  HUM is powered by two dual motors that are linked to sensors and an internal computer which responds to the user’s movements and touch.

This magnificent vibrator is completely body-safe and phthalate-free. HUM’s outer material is made from hand-poured medical-grade silicone with a special parylene coating. The parylene coating is added to the outside of the HUM through a special vapor coat chamber process. If you’ve never heard of parylene before, it’s typically found in body transplant mechanisms and is used to add an additional safety barrier. For those that may suffer from silicone allergies, this special coating will allow you to freely use HUM without an allergic reaction. Also, because of this special coating process, any type of lubricant can be used!

The HUM has a high quality built-in rechargeable battery and charging is simple. Charging time takes approximately 2 hours with 2 hours of use on a single charge. HUM is also 100% waterproof so feel free to get busy in the shower or bathtub! Included with the HUM is a USB cable and outlet plug, Qi wireless charging dock, storage pouch, and instruction manual. HUM is available in 5 colors: pure white, limo, blue glow, sky, and frost.

How it works                                                         

The wonderful physicists that created this marvel didn’t lie when they said, “HUM is attentive, smart, and intuitive.” It really is…and it’s simple to use! To turn the HUM on, simply press and hold the ‘HUM’ button for two seconds. Once powered, you can manually adjust the vibrations and intensity by pressing the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons. The “artificial intelligence” factor comes into play by the way the HUM is positioned. When the buttons are faced upwards towards the sky, HUM picks up on the rhythmic patterns and repeats them. However, when the buttons are facing down towards the floor, HUM responds to motion and pressure only. The vibration patterns appear to be simpler with the buttons facing downward. We’ll tell you more about how HUM works for us in just a bit.

Charging the HUM is also very simple. All you need to do is plug the Qi wireless charging dock into an outlet and place the HUM on the dock. There is a small light on the front of the dock that will be red in color to show that it is powered. Once the HUM is placed on the dock, the dock’s red light will turn a solid blue and the HUM will also show a light on it. Once charging is done, the dock’s blue light will flash.

As far as cleaning goes, it’s a breeze to clean thanks to its waterproof design. We recommend thoroughly cleaning with soap followed by a hot water rinse. To dry, simply wipe down with a lint-free cloth or let it air dry. Also, as with any new toy, always be sure to clean the HUM before using for the first time.

Our Experience

We’ve been using our HUM for several weeks now and have loved every experience since the first time we started using it.

Robin says:

Never in a million years did I think I would own a vibrator that’s so sophisticated. When telling our friends about the HUM, it still shocks me that I’m sticking a computer with artificial intelligence into my vagina. The HUM is absolutely amazing!

When we received our HUM, Liam and I had the pleasure of opening it up together. It already had plenty of charge straight out of the box and we didn’t hesitate playing with it. My first impression of the HUM was how incredibly soft it felt. I thoroughly looked it over from all angles and was really excited by the fact that it was virtually seamless...and waterproof. I couldn’t help but expose it to some light for a few minutes, then turn the lights off to see the beautiful blue glow. We passed the toy back and forth to each other, squeezing it, shaking it, and making thrusting movements with it. I knew right away that it was going to be very responsive when actually using it for its intended purpose.

I’ve noticed that HUM is surprisingly quiet on all vibration settings. This is a major benefit considering we have two curious teenage boys at home. As for the vibrations itself, they feel very rumbly on lower settings and somewhat buzzy on the higher ones. The responsiveness of HUM is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I’ve experienced some strong G-spot orgasms as the center of the vibrator has considerable girth. Also, upon clenching my muscles, HUM does a great job of recognizing the pressure and responds with powerful bursts of vibrations each time. I’m what you would consider a “dual stimulation girl.” I love having my G-spot and clit stimulated simultaneously. The HUM is perfect for G-spot stimulation and it pairs nicely with the We-Vibe Tango or Satisfyer Pro 2 for clitoral stimulation. Overall, I’m super impressed with this vibrator and feel very lucky to have one of our own.

Liam says:

HUM is definitely tapping into a new kind of luxury vibrator. It is, by far, one of the most complexly built vibrators that we’ve tested, yet, one of the most easy to use. I was mesmerized by its gorgeous blue color and it was equally amazing seeing it glow. Much of the time that HUM is used, I’m usually the one controlling it. I must say that HUM’s button design makes for easy use.

We really enjoy sensory play. One of the most intense play sessions with HUM happened when Robin was blindfolded and wearing noise cancelling headphones. Without the use of two of her senses, her reactions and sensitivity was extremely heightened. It almost appeared as if there was a symbiotic connection between her and HUM’s responsiveness to each other. I’ve witnessed Robin having some mind-blowing orgasms because of HUM (or maybe it’s my incredible operating skills, LOL). I’ve also been able to use HUM to stimulate Robin’s clit simply by squeezing it. Subsequently, Robin has also used the squeezing technique and placed HUM on my penis, testicles and perineum. The vibrations were very strong and created wonderful sensations!

The HUM is truly the “next generation” in vibrator technology. When Robin is in the mood for some vibrator fun, this is one that I often choose.

Recommended Use

Whether you’re new or experienced with sex toy play, the HUM is a great fit for anyone. HUM is especially perfect for thrusting and G-spot stimulation. Some users have reported that this vibrator has helped strengthen weakened pelvic floor muscles by forcing those muscles to contract due to HUM’s incredible responsiveness. If you’re a sex toy collector or connoisseur, this is a “must have” addition to your personal collection!

Likes & Dislikes

As with any product, there always seems to be some pros and cons. We’ve listed some of ours below.

Things We Like:

  • Seamless waterproof design
  • Compatible with any type of lubricant
  • Easy to use!
  • Charging is simple
  • Powerful, two motor design
  • Coating is body-safe and extremely comfortable
  • Simple to clean

Things We Dislike:

  • It’s expensive (but totally worth the money)


As you can probably tell, we’re quite fond of HUM. As our personal toy collection continues to constantly expand, the HUM is one of our favorites. If HUM seems to be a perfect fit for you or your partner, please click here to purchase.


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Thanks again,
Robin & Liam

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