Product Spotlight: Funsheet Plus by Sheets of San Francisco

July 20, 2016 1 Comment

Product Spotlight: Funsheet Plus by Sheets of San Francisco-Couples Playthings

About the Brand

Sheets of San Francisco is U.S. based company located in San Francisco, CA. The amazing team at Sheets of San Francisco have spent several years designing and developing sheets that are fluid-proof, lightweight, breathable while remaining comfortable at the same time. Not only are their products extremely unique, they have been designed for practical use and with the highest quality in mind. We must say…they’ve succeeded!  

About the Product

The Funsheet Plus line includes: fitted sheets, a flat sheet, and pillow cases. The fitted sheet has several sizes ranging from: Full, Queen, King and California King. The Flat sheet is available in one size only which is 84 inches by 100 inches. There are also two sizes of pillowcases available: standard and king. Although each product is sold separately, it is highly recommended that you invest in all of them. Each product is fluid proof, tough and tactile while still very breathable allowing for maximum comfort. All three products are designed to protect your bedding/furniture from fluid stains and any other rough and tumble during playtime. The material itself is a 2-ply laminated fabric consisting of 40% polyurethane  and 60% polyester. Did we mention that the sheets are machine washable? That’s right! The sheets and pillowcases can be washed in a warm 40 degree wash using normal detergent and can be dried on a low setting or hung out on a clothes line.

How they work

The Funsheet Plus Fitted Sheet is a wonderful addition to any mattress. We have a king size mattress and the fitted sheet fits perfectly. Due to the comfort of the fitted sheet, we often sleep directly on the fitted sheet when not having our bedroom fun. One thing we’ve also tried is placing our normal sheets over top of the fitted sheet for nights that we do not want to sleep directly on the Funsheet Plus. In either situation, this sheet has been extremely comfortable. Also, we’ve washed the fitted sheet several times and it still looks as good as new. We were very afraid that since this sheet was 2-ply, it might start to separate over time. We’ve had lots of fun on the fitted sheet and we’ll tell you more about our experiences in just a moment.

The Funsheeet Plus Flat Sheet is perfect for any piece of furniture. For us, we love spreading this sheet across our living room floor. The flat sheet is fairly large which makes it perfect for large couches as well. Due to its size, we have plenty of room for messy play. It’s very nice having “peace of mind” knowing we can be as messy as we want without soiling our carpet and furniture.

The Funsheet Plus Pillowcase is much like the fitted sheet. We tend to keep the Funsheet pillowcase on our pillows all of the time. We don’t sleep directly on them but do place another pillowcase over top of them. When it’s time to play, simply remove the outer pillowcase and the Funsheet pillowcase is ready to go. During our playtime, we often use our pillows as a prop to allow better access to our partner’s naughty bits or to help as a position aid. Without having the Funsheet pillowcase, we would completely ruin our pillows and would have to replace them often. The last thing we want at bedtime is to lay our head in a wet spot or pool of dried cum after getting freaky.

Our Experience

Robin says: I recently purchased a new clitoral stimulator called the Satisfyer Pro 2. Little did I know that this amazing toy would make me squirt considering I’d never before had a squirting orgasm. Luckily, when I first used this toy, I happened to be laying on our bed. Thankfully, we had the Funsheet Plus Fitted Sheet on our bed at the time that I squirted. This sheet pulled through for me and made my messy situation not so messy. I was able to enjoy the squirting orgasm and kept on playing with the toy and had several more squirting orgasms. Not once did I have to worry about a big mess while having my fun. After I was done playing, I just simply took the Funsheet off and placed it in the washing machine. One recommendation I can make, be sure to have a towel or two nearby when laying directly on the Funsheet. Liquids with a similar density as water will roll around on the sheet and not be absorbed by the sheet itself. You’ll definitely need the towel to remove any fluids from the sheet.

The Funsheet Plus Flat Sheet has been a lot of fun for us too. I especially like using this for food play. We can make a huge mess and not feel guilty about it. We’ve spread all sorts of things over this sheet including lubes, massage oils, flavored syrups, and whip cream. None of these things were absorbed into the sheet and once washed, there was no trace that anything had been on it. We’ve had great luck with draping the flat sheet over our sectional or loveseat with no worry of destroying either. During erotic massages on our massage table (aka Love Altar), the flat sheet works great for preventing the table’s surface from oil stains. All in all, these sheets are a blessing!

Liam says: I really love all three products and I’m still in shock as to how good they feel. These sheets feel really good while being naked. They sort of feel cold at first but quickly absorb body heat making them feel amazingly warm. For me, they don’t feel rubbery at all and have a very unique feel to them. In addition to our bedroom play, I also wanted to see how they would work as “normal” bedding. We first started out sleeping directly on the fitted sheet and covered up with the flat sheet paired with our favorite comforter. Both felt very cold upon first climbing into the bed but soon heated up to our body temperature. The first time we tried this, it happened to be pretty cold outside here in Iowa. About half way through our sleep, we both woke up sweating as they made us too warm. With that said, the next night we tried removing just the flat sheet and replaced it with one of our regular bedsheets. We were able to get a full night’s sleep and didn’t wake up in a pool of sweat. Ultimately, we have kept our Funsheet Plus Fitted Sheet on at all times but have added a normal fitted bedsheet over top. We’ve discovered that we sleep most comfortably this way and don’t get too warm in bed. For any of you that like to sleep in a super-warm bed or with an electric blanket, you may just want to sleep directly on the fitted sheet and cover up with the flat sheet and comforter.  

We have two of the standard size Funsheet Plus Pillowcases and they are wonderful! I personally like to prop Robin’s hips up on a pillow when performing oral sex and also when making love. Especially when making love, it’s nice to know after we’ve both orgasmed that our pillows will not have giant wet spots on them. In my opinion, all three of these products have been a wonderful addition to our playtime!

Recommended Use

If you and your partner like to get messy during playtime, all three products are highly recommended. For those of you that like food play, do not hesitate to get as crazy as you want. Also, if you’re female and known to squirt, feel free to spray all over as your bed/furniture will remain completely clean and protected. Any kinky people out there? If you have your own in-home dungeon, the Funsheet Plus Flat Sheet may be a good addition to line the dungeon floor during a scene. These sheets are only available in black, but they look and feel sexy!

Likes & Dislikes

As with any product, there always seems to be some pros and cons. We’ve listed some of ours below.

Things We Like:

  • Amazingly comfortable!
  • Prevents damage to bedding and furniture
  • 100% fluid proof
  • Breathable, tough and tactile
  • Easy to clean

Things We Dislike:

  • Very expensive (but worth it).


All three products have proved to be a great addition to our sexual activities. They are extremely convenient to use and when done, simply remove them and throw them in the wash machine. It couldn’t be any easier! Although these products are expensive, they are all still cheaper than having to replace carpet, pillows, bedding, or even your mattress. If you are interested in purchasing one or more of the Funsheet Plus products, click here.


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 Thanks again,
 Robin & Liam

1 Response

John & Kim
John & Kim

January 16, 2018

We just got our Flat sheet, we actually received it in 3 days and we live in Pa. Mark was GREAT with the ordering can’t wait to try this product this weekend. (more to follow with photo’s)
John & Kim

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