Product Spotlight: Cumpanion Towel by AnnaRae

February 26, 2017

Product Spotlight: Cumpanion Towel by AnnaRae-Couples Playthings

About the Brand

AnnaRae is a newer start-up based out of Kansas and they’re doing a great job with their new product, the Cumpanion Towel. We’ve been corresponding with these amazing entrepreneurs for a few weeks now and it’s clear that they take pride in product design, craftsmanship, using quality materials, and customer service. The story on how they began their new venture is definitely worth reading…feel free to check it out here.

About the Product

The Cumpanion Towel was developed as a way to clean up bodily fluids after hot & steamy sex sessions with your partner, or during solo play.  When we first heard about the Cumpanion, we were under the impression that it was just a pretty towel. Well…we were wrong. The Cumpanion is a plush piece of oval-shaped microfiber that includes a pocket. Unlike bath towels, this product remains very soft even after plenty of washes. The added pocket is great way to store/conceal vibrators or lube. Additionally, you can flip the pocket inside out, wipe, and flip it back to keep the towel’s exterior fluid-free. Cumpanion’s edges are lined with a very soft satin border which adds some aesthetic appeal to it. As of now, Cumpanion is available in a pretty blue color and the fine folks at AnnaRae are currently working on the release of another product called the Cuddle Bean.

Cleaning the Cumpanion is also really simple. To keep the microfiber soft, wash in hot water on a “regular” setting. Washing in hot water opens the fibers allowing the towel to be free of contamination. When drying, set the temperature to low which will keep it feeling nice and soft. Once the Cumpanion is clean, simply roll it up and tuck the rolled portion into the pocket for convenient storage (see above). Simple, right?! 

Our Experience

We’ve used the Cumpanion Towel on several occasions and we really love it. Here’s what each of us have to say…

Robin says: Liam and I typically clean up using an ordinary bath towel. Over time, our towels lose their softness and now feel somewhat scratchy. Clean-up isn’t very fun when using something abrasive on your naughty bits. That’s where the Cumpanion excels. When we took the towel out of its package, I couldn’t stop petting it! The plush microfiber is extremely soft and feels soooo good against my skin.

I’m a pretty lucky girl in the fact that I have some really intense squirting orgasms. Unfortunately, in most cases, it creates a huge mess for me. With the Cumpanion Towel, I don’t have to worry anymore. I simply lay on top of the towel and it does an amazing job of soaking up all the fluids. It also pairs really well with our fluid-proof sheets made by Sheets of San Francisco.

Liam and I have been blessed with two teenage boys. It’s quite common for one of them to walk into our bedroom needing something. The Cumpanion Towel has done a great job concealing our Doxy Massager from their curious eyes. Or, at least they haven’t revealed that they’ve found our Doxy. Ha Ha!

Liam says: Robin and I are big fans of erotic massage. In fact, we try to have some fun on our Love Altar (the name for our massage table) at least once per week. We’ve included the Cumpanion Towel to many of our massage sessions and it’s proven itself to be extremely versatile. When it comes to sensory play, this towel can be a lot of fun running across each other’s body while blindfolded.

The Cumpanion Towel also holds up really well to massage oils. We typically use a fractionated coconut or almond oil and it does a great job soaking up the oils. Also, we haven’t had any issues with oil stains on the towel after being cleaned. Overall, this towel is very tough and remains soft when properly washed.

I especially love the pocket on the Cumpanion. During our erotic massage play, Robin often brings me to orgasm via prostate massage or a good ol’ fashioned hand job. Robin likes to place the pocket over the head of my penis as it does a wonderful job catching my jizz to avoid a mess.  

Recommended Use

We recommend this towel to anyone having sex or is masturbating. In our opinion, everyone should have at least one of these near the bed (or other play area) at all times. The Cumpanion is a great option for clean-up rather than using tissues, clothing, or bath towels. 

Likes & Dislikes

As with any product, there always seems to be some pros & cons. We’ve listed some of ours below:

Things We Like:

  • For a towel, it’s really cute!
  • Very comfortable feel
  • Easy to clean

Things We Dislike:

  • We wish it had a slightly deeper pocket 


As fellow entrepreneurs, we certainly love supporting others like us. When we see potential in a product, we’re always ready to offer support in any way possible. We’re really excited to see what the future holds for AnnaRae and we hope to see more product releases. If you would like to purchase a Cumpanion, please click here.


****UPDATE (8/2/2018): Since our initial review of the Cumpanion, the blue Cumpanion is no longer available. 


We’d like to say “thank you” to AnnaRae for providing us with the opportunity to review the Cumpanion Towel in exchange for our honest review. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions, concerns, or information you'd like to share. Be sure to check back for more product reviews or subscribe to our newsletter for automatic updates. We can also be reached directly via email at


Thanks again,
Robin & Liam

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