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Product Spotlight: Bend Over Beginner Kit by Tantus

August 31, 2016 4 Comments

Product Spotlight: Bend Over Beginner Kit by Tantus

About the Brand

We’ve been extremely impressed with products made by Tantus. The company is based in the United States and they’ve been around for a long time…nearly 20 years! Tantus has become an industry leader through innovative toy design while maintaining high quality standards. All silicone products made by Tantus consist of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone and are body-safe, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly. We strongly encourage you to add a Tantus product to your personal sex toy collection.

About the Product

The Bend Over Beginner Kit was designed as a starter kit for couples wanting to explore strap-on play and pegging. The kit includes an adjustable harness, bullet vibe, two dildos, and an extra O-ring.

The harness fits up to 60 inch hips making it perfect for many beginners. There are two colors available: purple or black. This harnesses’ soft velvety material makes strap-on play very comfortable. At the top of the harness lies a small hole where the included bullet vibe can be inserted. The vibrating bullet is single speed and waterproof. An extra O-ring, approximately 1.5 inches (diameter), is also included allowing the use of a larger dildo.

Completing this kit are two wonderful dildos: Silk Small and Silk Medium. Both dildos are made from 100% ultra-premium silicone making them body-safe. Either dildo can be used for vaginal or anal play. The Silk Small has a length of 4.25 inches with a diameter of 0.8 inches. The Silk Medium has a length of 5.5 inches with a diameter of 1 inch. Two colors are available: Purple Haze or Black. If you purchase a black kit, you’ll get the black set of dildos. The purple dildos will come along with the purple harness.

How it works

Upon choosing the Silk Small or Silk Medium, simply slide the dildo through the elastic O-ring. Then, place your legs through the waist opening followed by each leg hole. Using the adjustable straps, pull gently on each side of the waist band until it feels snug and comfortable. After doing so, simply pull each leg strap until they feel snug. Make sure that the harness is not too tight as it was designed to be very comfortable. Once properly fitted…have fun!

Cleaning the harness is very easy as it’s machine-washable. As for the dildos, there are several cleaning options. Both dildos can be cleaned using hot soapy water, toy cleaner, or a 10% bleach solution. Or, they’re both dishwasher safe and can be cleaned by placing them on the top rack. You can also boil the dildo for 3 to 4 minutes. We always recommend cleaning the harness and dildos before using for the first time.

Our Experience

Robin says: This kit is perfect for introductory strap-on play. In fact, this is what we used for our first time. Putting the harness on for the first time was a bit tricky for me. Straps were hanging all over the place as I held it my hand. For me, it worked best by laying it out on the ground. I was able to stand in the two leg holes and then pull the waist band up to my waist. After adjusting each strap, it fit perfectly in place and was extremely comfortable. As always, Tantus pulled through and made a fantastic harness! I’m not very fond of the single speed vibrating bullet that’s included. I guess I’m slowly turning into a power queen and the vibrations from this bullet just aren’t powerful enough to make a difference. When it comes to actual playtime, the harness is really great. Whether thrusting fast or slow, gyrating, or having either of us in a unique position, this harness does a great job staying in place.

In general, strap-on play is a lot of fun for me. I really love being in control of Liam’s pleasure. In my opinion, I like having the ability to switch places and see what it’s like to be in a ‘penetrative’ role. It’s a really powerful and liberating feeling having a fake cock hanging between my legs. Having Liam in front of me on all fours, or on his back, is super-hot, fun, and sexy! Our purple Bend Over Beginner Kit is really cute and I love wearing it by myself just for fun. On one occasion, Liam caught me dancing in front of our full length mirror while wearing it. I was really embarrassed…Liam laughed and thought it was hot. Overall, this harness is really wonderful (and well-priced) considering all the items that are included.

Liam says: The Silk Small and Silk Medium dildos feel really good. Both dildos are very flexible which makes back door play more comfortable and enjoyable. The Silk Small is similar to the size of a finger. When we first tried our Bend Over Beginner Kit, we were already familiar with anal play. Having used toys similar in size, I knew that the Silk Small wouldn’t be as useful for me. With that said, we used the small one without the harness to first warm up. The Silk Medium worked wonderfully for our first time. It definitely had the right amount of fullness allowing me to remain comfortable while Robin had her fun. Both dildos are extremely smooth and have no texture whatsoever. I think this is a good option for beginners. A dildo with too much texture can be overwhelming when first starting out. Although they are smooth, you’ll want to be certain to use plenty of lube. All-in-all, I really enjoyed the Bend Over Beginner Kit.

Recommended Use

This kit is definitely a “must have” for strap-on newbies. Not only do you get a harness, you also get two dildos and a bullet vibe with it. If you find out you don’t like strap-on play, you’re not completely wasting your money considering you still have two dildos and bullet vibe that can be used without the harness. With the removable O-ring design, this harness will allow you to add your favorite dildo in the event that you’d get bored with either of the ones included.

Likes & Dislikes

As with any toy, there always seems to be some pros and cons. We’ve listed some of ours below.

Things We Like:

  • Harness is very comfortable
  • Comes with 2 silicone dildos
  • Easy to clean
  • Very affordable

Things We Dislike:

  • The bullet vibe included is not very powerful while inserted into the harness


Using the Bend Over Beginner Kit was a huge success for us. The harness is comfortable, stays in place, and the dildos feel great. For those of you that already have experience with anal play and can use a slightly larger dildo, you may want to check out the Bend Over Intermediate Kit. This kit is almost the same as the beginner kit, the difference is that the Silk Small is replaced by the Silk Large. If you think the Bend Over Beginner Kit is perfect for you and your partner, click here to purchase.


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Thanks again,
Robin & Liam



4 Responses

Robin & Liam
Robin & Liam

June 13, 2017

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Robin & Liam
Robin & Liam

June 13, 2017

Hi Chad,

We would definitely recommend the Tantus Bend Over Beginner Kit. In our opinion, it is the perfect starter. The nice thing about this product is that it offers to very smooth silicone dildos so you’ll have room to “advance” as you gain more strap-on experience. Also, the harness is very durable and stable when in use.

Chad Bowman
Chad Bowman

June 11, 2017

What is the secert for producing slot of sperm? I would like to become a heavy ejaculater…

Chad Bowman
Chad Bowman

June 11, 2017

I love it when my wife lightly runs her hands gently across my inner thighs and softly run her fingers softly touching my anus… We have talked about getting a strap-on and try it. We are cerious about what would be the right size for beginners? My husband is a small skinny man. We are not into pain. I’m just asking which one would he enjoy it and pleasures him to a hard orgasum. Does anyone know which one would be the perfect strap-on to get? We would like a smaller size and diameter and smooth feeling…

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