Product Spotlight: Tango by We-Vibe

April 27, 2016

Product Spotlight: Tango by We-Vibe-Couples Playthings

About the Brand

We-Vibe has become a very popular name among sex toy enthusiasts all across the globe. The Standard Innovation Corporation, based out of Canada, is responsible for creating the We-Vibe brand name and products. We-Vibe products have been designed by world-class engineers that work directly with doctors, sexual wellness experts and consumers alike. The main goal is to produce safe, high quality, eco-friendly sexual devices to enhance sexual health and wellness for couples, women and men. Our friends at We-Vibe have ensured that all products are made with the best body-safe materials available.

About the Product

The We-Vibe Tango is one of the most powerful pocket-size mini vibrators available today. With 8 different vibration modes, this small but mighty vibrator will send intense vibrations wherever you place it. Keep in mind that the Tango is to be used for external stimulation only. We-Vibe strongly recommends that the Tango is not to be used anally. The Tango is made from body-safe ABS thermoplastic, 100% waterproof, and is easily controllable with its one-button pleasure control design. The Tango is roughly 3.5 inches long with a width of 0.7 inches. With a charging time of 90 minutes, you can get approximately 2 hours of use on a single charge. When the Tango is low on power, a yellow light will appear on the base letting you know that it needs to be charged. Along with the Tango, a USB charging cable, charging cap, silk storage bag and instruction manual are also included. The Tango comes in two colors: pink and blue. Other colors may be available when purchasing one of We-Vibe’s collections such as the Pleasure Mates or Passionate Play sets.

How it works

Charging the Tango is very simple. To charge, insert the included charging cap to the USB cable provided. Next, simply connect the magnetic charging cap to the bottom of the Tango and plug the USB cable into any USB port. It’s that simple! Once fully charged, a power button can be found at the base of the Tango. Press this button and the vibrations will begin. To cycle through the 8 available settings, all you have to do is continue to press the power button. To turn the Tango off, press and hold the power button for two seconds. When turning the Tango back on, it will resume to the last vibration mode that was used before powering down. Cleaning the Tango is very easy. Since it is waterproof, simply clean the toy with an antibacterial soap and rinse under hot water.

Our Experience

When it comes to powerful vibrations, we think that the We-Vibe Tango is one of the best! We’ve had a lot of experience with different clitoral vibrators over the years and this one really delivers. We’ll tell you all about our experience from each of our own perspectives.

Robin says: I’m not even sure where to start considering I love the Tango so much. I could talk about it for hours.  Simply stated, the Tango feels amazing! This is definitely my # 1 recommended vibe when it comes to clitoral stimulation. When Liam’s not available, I turn to the Tango when I’m horny and ready to go. If our reviews had a “5 star” rating system, I’d give it a “6.” I’ve tried every vibration mode and love every single one of them. Each vibration pattern is very deep and rumbly, yet the motor inside remains surprisingly quiet. Each time I use the Tango, I end up having explosive orgasms within minutes! One thing I really love about the Tango is its size. It can be easily carried in a purse or carry-on when leaving home or traveling. Who would’ve ever thought something so small could deliver such amazing results? It definitely worked for me!

Another great thing about this mini-vibe is that it’s compatible with some silicone dildos. Many of our Tantus dildos have a hollow base and, on several occasions, I’ve inserted the Tango into the dildo’s base. Once powered, these dildos come to life and the vibrations from the Tango are carried throughout every square inch of the dildo and directly into me. The feeling of the Tango paired with a silicone dildo is absolutely out of this world! I have also experienced some mind-blowing orgasms when using the Tango on my clit and using another dildo, or vibrator, in my vagina at the same time. Pairing your favorite g-spot vibrator/dildo with the Tango feels wonderful!

Liam says: I’m so happy we discovered the Tango. We received ours upon purchasing the Passionate Play Collection as it was included in the collection, and is white in color. There have been days when I’m just too tired after a long day’s work to get naughty with Robin. Thankfully, the Tango is always at the ready to take my place. On one occasion, I was sitting in our living room watching a movie and Robin was nowhere in sight. Suddenly, my phone beeped indicating that I had a new text message. Much to my surprise, it was Robin texting me. Here’s the text that I received: “The Tango gets two thumbs up, definitely a 5 star product. I went from 0 to climaxing in no time at all. Turn it on and be prepared to orgasm. I feel so good right now!” Little did I know that she had been alone in the bedroom testing our new Tango out for the first time. When Robin came back to join me in the living room, her cheeks were bright red and she had a smile from ear to ear.

We’ve had a lot of fun together with our Tango. We use it often during foreplay to get heated up before making love. It’s proven to be a lot of fun using for sensory play as well. With Robin blindfolded, I like to take the Tango and graze it across her nipples and clit. Within seconds, I’ve noticed her nipples get really hard. She’s so hot! One thing I’ve noticed about the Tango is the unique shape of the tip. It is angled in a way that allows for both pin-point stimulation as well as a slightly broader stimulation. The Tango is definitely worth every penny!

Recommended Use

The Tango was clearly designed for a woman’s pleasure. If you love direct, and intense, stimulation to your clit, this is the perfect toy for you. For those that love anal play, this definitely is not something you’d want to use. The power alone may be too much for anal stimulation. However, if paired with a silicone dildo that has a hollowed and flared base, it could potentially be used anally as the dildo’s soft material may absorb some of the Tango’s vibrations allowing for a more pleasurable experience. The Tango is perfect for solo play, but can be just as much fun using together. We love using toys together and the Tango can be a lot of fun when allowing your partner at the controls. Perfect for beginners to advanced players, the Tango could become one of your best friends!

Likes & Dislikes

As with any toy, there always seems to be some pros and cons. We’ve listed some of ours below.

Things We Like:

  • Powerful, rumbly vibrations
  • Perfect for clitoral stimulation
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 8 vibrations, 4 of which are very unique
  • Easy to use; single button design
  • Easy to clean

Things We Dislike:

  • Magnetic cap can disconnect from the Tango while charging


When it comes to clitoral stimulation, this is always the vibrator that we immediately turn to. You definitely get what you pay for with the Tango. In our opinion, this is definitely a must-have addition to your toy box. If you are interested in purchasing the Tango, please click here. If you’re willing to spend more money, and get additional We-vibe products along with the Tango, check out the Passionate Play Collection or the Pleasure Mates Collection.


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 Thanks again,
 Robin & Liam

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