Product Spotlight: Echo by Tantus

April 13, 2016

Product Spotlight: Echo by Tantus-Couples Playthings

About the Brand

We’ve been extremely impressed with products made by Tantus. One such product that has us both quivering with delight is the Echo. This dildo/vibrator is so wonderful! Before we dive into this review, we first need to tell you a little about the benefits of Tantus products. All silicone products made by Tantus consist of 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone and are body-safe, hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Cleaning and care for these products can be done with great ease as they are dish washer safe and boilable. They can also be cleaned with hot water and soap, or in a 10% bleach solution. If one of your Tantus pure silicone products picks up an odor, you can even bake it in the oven for 30 minutes at 350 degrees to get rid of the smell! How awesome is that!? Okay, enough about the benefits…let’s move onto the review.

About the Product

The Echo, in our opinion, is a beautiful toy. We received ours in a glossy pearl white color. It has a beautiful shine to it that really gets our hearts racing when we think about using it. The Echo measures 7 inches in length with roughly 6.5 inches that is insertable. As for the girth, it measures up with a diameter of 1.55 inches (approx. 5 inches circumference). Along the shaft of this little dream lies four majestic ridges with a nicely shaped head. The Echo is available in 2 colors: Pearl White and Midnight Purple. A waterproof single speed bullet vibe is included with the Echo. Batteries are included with the bullet vibe and all that is required to get the bullet buzzing is to open it up and remove the circular piece of paper covering the battery and put the cover back on. Since the Echo is made of 100% silicone, we always recommend using a water-based lube with it. Please avoid silicone-based lubes as those may damage the toy’s material surface.

How it Works

The Echo is a very versatile toy. Place the bullet vibe in the empty cavity at the base and have yourself a vibrator! Remove the bullet vibe and you have a wonderful dildo. With the cavity at the base, you can also purchase the Suction Cup that is available and have lots of solo play fun by sticking the suction cup to any flat and smooth surface. The Echo has a flared base which allows it to be anal friendly and harness compatible.

Our Experience

Robin says: I love the Echo! Everything about this toy is extremely appealing to me…the looks, the feel and especially how well it can bring me to orgasm. When using the Echo by myself, I like to start off with a slightly smaller toy to get heated up and ready for Echo’s girth and ridges. Sometimes I like to use the bullet by itself to tease my clit. When I’m all heated up, many times I like to start out using Echo without the bullet vibe. Before inserting, I always break out my favorite water-based lube and put it on myself and the Echo. Upon insertion, I can feel every single contour of the Echo as it fills up my vagina. Thrusting with the Echo feels very smooth and doesn’t hurt me at all. The combination of ridges paired with the nicely contoured head, this dream of toy makes my PC muscles contract while simultaneously rubbing on my G-spot. It’s really easy to orgasm with the Echo. As for the vibrator part, I like to place a small amount of lube into the empty cavity at the base before inserting the bullet vibe. I’ve found it much easier to remove the bullet once I finish using the Echo. With the bullet vibe in place, I can feel the vibrations but they are not as strong as I would like them to be. For this reason, I like to break out my Tango by We-Vibe and use it instead of the included bullet vibe. Every time I use the Echo/Tango combo, I have strong orgasms within just a few minutes! Also for solo play, I like attaching the suction cup to the Echo. I’ve found using the suction cup to be a wonderful shower companion. I just stick it to the most convenient place in the shower and ride it until I can hardly stand up. It is a lot of fun! I also really love the Echo during couples play. Giving Liam control not only excites him, but it also allows me the chance to lay back and enjoy what he’s doing to me.

Liam says: Wow…just wow! I can’t say enough great things about the Echo. This toy has brought lots of pleasure to both Robin and myself. When I am using the toy on her, I feel like we develop a whole new level of trust. It excites me that I am able to use the Echo on her and she is able to relax and enjoy without the worry if I’ll hurt her in the process. With that being said, I can say the same when she uses Echo on me. Over the past few months we’ve opened up to the idea of pegging. After the first couple months of gentle anal stimulation, we’ve now graduated to full-penetration. The Echo, in my opinion, is a little too large to start out with so we prefer heating me up first with the Warm Up or Silk Small that is also made by Tantus. Once properly prepared and heated, Robin slides into one of her favorite harnesses which is the Joque by SpareParts HardWear. Before insertion, we apply generous…I mean really generous amounts of water-based lube. Once inserted, I can feel every little contour of the Echo. The head on Echo provides an adequate amount of pressure on my prostate which often leads to a mind-blowing orgasm. When Robin thrusts, the smooth ripples feel really good and do not hurt (remember…use lots of lube otherwise it may hurt). I haven’t tried any solo play with the Echo as I really enjoy and prefer using this along with Robin. We really love the intimacy and trust bonds that come along with the use of our Echo.

Recommended Use

With Echo’s versatility, we can confidently recommend this toy to anyone that has experience with dildos and vibrators. If you are new to toy play and not sure if it is something you’ll enjoy, we recommend starting out with something else. The Echo, in our opinion, is an intermediate toy for those who’ve already dabbled with toy play and are more relaxed with the idea of having something a bit larger for penetration. The Echo itself is what we’d like to call your “standard” sized toy, but with all of the different contours, it can be a little too much when first starting out. On the other hand, if you are an expert, size queen or size king…this may not be the best fit for you as it may be smaller than you’d like. The Echo is wonderful for vaginal, g-spot, anal and p-spot play and we highly recommend adding this to your toy box.

Likes & Dislikes

Of course, with all toys, there always seems to be some pros and cons. We’ve listed some of ours below.

Things we like:

  • Versatility - It is a dildo, vibrator, suction-compatible, harness compatible, anal-friendly
  • Made of high-quality silicone
  • Overall shape and contours are amazing!
  • Ease of cleaning

Things we dislike:

  • Included bullet – Needs stronger vibrations
  • Lint & dust magnet – We recommend storing in a silk pouch. (Always clean the toy before and after use)


All-in-all, the Echo is a wonderful toy and is one of our “go to” toys for some hot action. This is perfect for texture lovers and those that appreciate a versatile design. If you don’t have kids at home, it’s nice to leave out in the open to enjoy its beautiful colors and contours. If the Echo seems to be the perfect fit for you, please click here to purchase. A similar product perfect for thrusting, but without the vibes...check out the Echo Handle for great textured solo or couples-play fun!


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 Thanks again,
 Robin & Liam




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