Saturday Afternoon Slave

April 06, 2017

Saturday Afternoon Slave-Couples Playthings

I stood in our house pacing back-and-forth constantly thinking about what she said earlier that morning. “Oh, the things I’m going to do to you when I get back home.” “My slave had better be ready for me”, hinted Robin before she left. Hours had passed since she left and I couldn’t get the thoughts of what was going to happen when she arrived home. Questions constantly danced within my mind and only Robin knew the correct answers. With that said, I could do nothing but try and mentally prepare myself for her return as best that I could. This wasn’t the first time that I’d been Robin’s ‘slave’ so I had a pretty good idea as to what was in store for me.

It was about 1:30 p.m. when I heard the sound of our garage door open. After hearing the door close, I quickly made my way to the hallway entrance to happily greet Robin.  As she passed through the door, I exclaimed “Hi Baby, I’m so happy you’re back home!” Robin, clearing her throat, said “excuse me?” “How should you refer to me?” I immediately realized at that very moment that my role as ‘slave’ had already begun. “I’m sorry My Goddess.” I replied. “That’s better”, she replied as she petted the top of my head. “I’ll be right back, I need to change into something more appropriate.” “You sit and wait right here until I return” she said.

I sat down in the hallway just as instructed by my domme and patiently waited for her return. Several minutes later Robin returned to me very scantily dressed in black leather. I couldn’t help but admire her tight leather skirt, shiny black bra, and red heels. Robin approached me, looked down, and said “What have you been doing while I was away?” I replied, “I was working in the office getting some work done My Goddess.” “Did you remember to clean the kitchen?” she asked. At that point it dawned on me that I had forgotten to hold up my end of Saturday’s chores. With brief hesitation, I replied “No, My Goddess, I completely forgot.” “I see how things are going to start out for you” she said. Robin quickly raced back to the bedroom and I could hear drawers sliding open and then banging closed. 

Robin returned to me holding a black leather collar and chain lead in her right hand along with a riding crop under the pit of her arm. She held the crop out and pointed it directly at my face. In a very harsh tone, she said “Strip out of your clothes.” I started to stand up to remove my pants when Robin interjected, “Stay on the floor, slave!” I lowered myself back to the floor and started squirming my way out of my pants. It was really difficult and Robin was growing impatient. Without any hesitation, Robin leaned over and pulled my shirt off. “Hurry up, I don’t have all day slave.” Soon enough, I was fully undressed and ready to serve my domme at any capacity that she saw fit.

She quickly bent over top of me and placed the collar firmly around my neck. Quickly tugging at the lead, Robin commanded, “Let’s go.” I was quickly lead to the kitchen at which time Robin quickly assessed the state of the kitchen’s cleanliness…or lack thereof. Luckily for me, the kitchen was already in pretty good shape as we try to keep things tidy at all times. Robin opened the dishwasher and instantly noticed that all the clean dishes hadn’t been put away. “Hmmm, I see you forgot to put the dishes away.” “You’re going to be punished for this.” said Robin. She stood there quietly deliberating how to correct my behavior. After a few seconds she said, “You’re going to receive one whack of my crop for every three dishes that get put away.” I stood up, started placing the dishes in their rightful space. Each time three dishes were put away, Robin counted the lashing that I would receive. Once the dishwasher was completely empty, she exclaimed “Wow, eleven whacks for you!”

I was immediately lead to the center of our living room where my punishment was to begin. Robin said, “I want you to count each time you receive a whack, understand?” “Yes, My Goddess”, I replied. Robin quickly took position and immediately whacked my right butt cheek. “One!” I cried. Then another to my left cheek. “Two!” I shouted. With each hit, my cheeks stung more and more. By the time number eleven occurred, my ass felt like it was on fire. After the eleventh hit, I received a twelfth one just as a ‘future reminder’ to not forget the next time. Once my punishment ended, Robin dropped to one knee at my side. She gently placed her warm hands on my freshly whipped ass and caressed them for a couple of minutes. With Robin’s face near mine, she asked “What would you like me to do to you today?” I knew this was a trick question and that she made the plans, not me. I replied, “Whatever you wish, My Goddess.” “Very good answer” she replied as she grazed her finger down my spine sending chills throughout my entire body.

“Stand up and follow me,” Robin said. With the chain lead hanging over her left shoulder, she tugged and I quickly followed. After navigating the basement steps, I realized right away where she was taking me…our ‘naughty room’. Upon entering the room, I noticed that a spreader bar was hanging from the ceiling at the center of the room. Dangling from each end of the spreader bar was a fur-lined wrist cuff. I peered over to one of the walls and noticed that the massage table was set up against it and an assortment of toys were neatly on display at one end. “Get up on the table on your hands and knees” Robin demanded. I quickly obeyed my domme’s command and positioned myself on the table.

Robin approached closely with a bottle of lube in hand. I soon felt the cold drizzle of lube against my pucker followed by Robin’s warm finger circling around and spreading the lube. As she continued circling my asshole, I became very excited and my legs wouldn’t stop shaking. Not even a minute had passed before Robin’s finger was deep inside my ass working it, relaxing it, opening it up. Before I knew it, she was stroking my cock with one hand and the other was working at my ass. I couldn’t help but feel vulnerable as I must’ve looked like a cow being milked by its owner. Either way, I was really enjoying how Robin was making me feel. I began panting hard, which is my signal that an orgasm was soon approaching. At that moment, the stroking stopped and Robin pulled her fingers from my ass. “I don’t want you to cum yet, I have big plans for you slave”, she said.  Grabbing a paddle from the table, Robin spanked my ass and I could feel the sting from each hit. After ten spanks, I was completely flaccid and in complete disarray.

After my spanking was over, Robin placed a blindfold over my eyes. As I stood there blindly on all fours, I suddenly heard the sound of lube being squeezed out. Within seconds, I could feel the cold tip of a toy pressing against my anus. I started taking deep relaxing breaths as the toy inched its way inside me. “Mmmmm, I love that nice little asshole of yours.” Robin said. Whatever was in my ass, it felt good…really good. I could tell from experience that Robin was inserting an anal plug into me, which one exactly, I wasn’t sure as my endorphins started kicking in. A sudden jolt of pleasure ran through me as my ass swallowed the plug’s bulb. Soon after, Robin helped me off the table and directed me to my feet. She grabbed me by my shoulders and walked me to the center of the room. “Raise your hands and arms, now!” she commanded. Once my arms were high in the air, I felt the two cuffs brush against my wrists. I grabbed at the handles on each of the cuffs while Robin hastily fastened each one.

Once properly restrained, I suddenly felt my wrists and arms being pulled towards the ceiling. I knew at that very moment my body was being raised from the floor by the spreader bar’s rope and pulley system. Luckily, my body wasn’t completely lifted off the ground. Instead, Robin raised me just high enough forcing me to stand on my tippy-toes. As I stood there, with feet barely on the ground, the feeling of warm hands and lips made their way across my chest. Robin worked her lips slowly at my nipples, giving them an occasional flick of her tongue while her hands gripped tightly to my ass cheeks. Her right hand quickly moved from my butt cheek and gently wrapped around my cock. As she stroked, I heard her soft sexy voice. “Does this feel good, slave?” I gestured my reply back with an up-and-down nod. Her left hand suddenly pulled away and I felt a sharp smack against my ass. “No nodding, answer my question.” “Does this feel good?” “Yes My Goddess, it feels really good.” I replied. “I’ve got big plans for you today, the fun’s just getting started.” At that very moment, I thought, “Holy shit, is this really happening?”

As I stood there stretched out on my tippy-toes, I could tell Robin had walked away. I could hear her footsteps as she made her way across our naughty room. After a brief moment, I heard her gathering something into her hands and it sounded like a small metal chain of some sort. Just as I was feeling relaxed, a sudden and painful pinch was felt behind my left nipple. Then, a second pinch was felt behind the right nipple…nipple clamps! Robin started tugging on the metal chain ensuring that the clamps wouldn’t come loose. A pleasurable pain coursed through my entire body and I bellowed out a deep and powerful moan. “Slave, are you doing okay?” Due to my own enlightened mental state, I mistakenly nodded a ‘yes’ motion again. I felt another hard slap, this time against my right butt cheek. "Use words slave - are you doing okay?” “Yes, My Goddess, I’m fine.” “Perfect, I’ll continue.” she replied. 

At this point, I could feel the fullness of the plug inserted in my ass. The nipple clamps were sending jolts of energy throughout my entire body. With the combination of both devices, my cock was hard and throbbing for some action. My mind started wondering what she meant with her last reply. “What was next,” I thought, “How will she continue?” Before I knew it, more lube was being spread around my throbbing member. Next, a lasso-style cock ring was being slid down my shaft and past my testicles. A second ring was placed slightly past the tip of my cock. After just a few seconds, I started to feel a tingling sensation. At that very moment I realized that Robin was using electro stimulation cock rings. Robin made several adjustments to the e-stim device’s intensity and pulsation modes until it met her approval. “I love watching your cock dance.” Robin said.

There I was, hanging from the ceiling. My cock bounced with electrical current, my nipples pinched and erect, and my toes felt some slight discomfort as they were supporting my entire weight. Just as I thought it couldn’t get any more delightful, the plug in my ass started vibrating intensely in a pulsating pattern. This specific plug also had beads that rotated within the neck causing a sensation similar to the feeling of a rim job. At that moment, I wasn’t sure I could handle anymore stimulation. Suddenly, I heard the door close. “Hello, My Goddess?” I questioned. No answer from Robin. “Did she leave the room?” I thought. “Where the fuck did she go?” Knowing full well that I could trust her, I continued to enjoy the stimulation that I was receiving. It wasn’t like I could do anything about it even if I wanted to. I was trapped and at the mercy of My Goddess.

Several minutes passed before Robin entered back to our naughty room. Upon her return, she said, “Well, how are you doing slave?” “Are you feeling good?” Remembering my previous two mistakes, I replied, “Yes My Goddess, I feel great.” “Thank you for allowing me to feel so good, My Goddess.” Robin approached me and removed my blindfold. She started kissing and rubbing me all over. Her hand tugged at the nipple clamps as she fed her tongue into my mouth. As we stood kissing, the stimulation from the cock rings soon ended. Robin knelt down, removed the rings, and said “Oooh, I see you left a present for me.” I was more than heated up…pre-cum dripped, and was still hanging from the tip of my cock. Robin opened her mouth wide, caught the pre-cum with her tongue, and then slid her wet mouth down my throbbing shaft. After a couple of minutes being the recipient of an amazing blow job, Robin removed her mouth, stoop up, and took two steps away from me. As my eyes adjusted, I realized why she had left the room. Robin stood before me wearing nothing but a strap-on harness with a magnificent purple dildo attached. “I’ve got a special gift for you slave.” said Robin, in a soft sexy tone.

Soon after her big reveal, Robin helped free me from my restraints. It felt good having the ability to stand entirely on two feet. Before I could regain my composure, I was tugged by my collar and lead to the massage table. Robin commanded, “Get on the table and lie on your back.” I cooperated with her demand and carefully made my way onto the table and laid face-up. “I’m going to fuck you and you can’t cum until I say so.” “Do you understand?” she questioned. “Yes My Goddess, I won’t cum without your approval.” Robin spread my legs wide, slowly pulled the plug from my ass, reapplied some lube to my backside, and replaced the plug with her strap-on. She entered me slowly and I could feel every inch of the long, curved, and smooth dildo. I closed my eyes so I could focus on the pleasure and resist the temptation to orgasm. Robin quickly tugged on the nipple clamp chain. “Open your eyes and look at me!” she said demandingly. “Watch me while I fuck you.” I opened my eyes as instructed, replying “Yes My Goddess.”

My ass felt full from the sheer size of the strap-on. Robin, sexy as ever, pumped away at my backside. Using combinations of short and long, slow and fast thrusts, my ass was being worked over. It felt soooo good and I felt so connected to Robin as we gazed into each other’s eyes. I couldn’t help but admire Robin’s sexy body as she knelt in front of me…her back was straight, her perky breasts bounced, with nipples erect. A strand of her dark shiny hair hung over her left eye and she bit at her lower lip as she pounded away at my ass. Occasionally, she would give a quick tug on the nipple clamps which sent an extra jolt of pleasure directly to my cock. The pounding continued, over and over. I moaned louder and louder with each thrust that she gave me.

Robin leaned forward and planted her face directly in front of mine so I could clearly see her beautiful green eyes. She smiled and said, “You can cum any time.” Moving back to a nearly upright position, she placed her warm hand on my stomach and caressed it in a gentle circular motion. Her other hand gripped my shaft and slowly stroked. I could feel the dildo’s curved end as it grazed my prostate with each passing thrust. I couldn’t take any more. I let out a loud cry and screamed “I’m gonna cum!” Robin thrusted harder and faster, stroked my cock more vigorously, until I finally exploded. Waves of pleasure consumed my entire body as Robin milked every last drop of cum from me with her hand. Very slowly, she pulled out and I miraculously orgasmed a second time! I was spent, completely exhausted from all the stimulation that I had been put through. As for Robin, she climbed off the table and approached me at my side as I laid there panting. Her eyes were filled with delight, amusement, and lovingness. Her soft tender hands cupped my face, she leaned in for a kiss, and said “I love you.”

After the two of us regained our composure, we started in on our ‘aftercare’ time. We made our way upstairs, both completely naked, and sat on the floor under a warm blanket. We held each other tight, spoke about the details of what had just transpired, all while sipping on some hot tea. Eventually, we made our way to the bathroom to take a hot shower together. After turning the water on, Robin said, “You first.” “Yes, My Goddess.” I said, in a slightly sarcastic tone. Robin retaliated with a nice little spank on my already-sore ass and we both giggled as we made our way into the shower.


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