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Our Love Altar

February 10, 2018

Our Love Altar

If you’ve read some of our product reviews and articles, you’ve probably noticed that we’re both extremely proud and very fond of our “Love Altar.” For those of you that haven’t read our reviews or articles, our “Love Altar” is simply the name we give reference to our massage table. Over the past few years, our massage table has become a vital part of sexual exploration as a couple. Our Love Altar has become an outlet for us to relieve stress, fulfill fantasies, and it has helped improve our communication and trust in each other. Having a massage table is very sacred to us and it allows us to solely focus on the person laying on it.  When were stressed out, or feeling sore…we break out the massage table and always do our best to rub the stress away. Other times, when we’re feeling a bit horny, the massage often has an erotic twist to it.

Liam Says: For me, there’s nothing sexier and more fulfilling than having Robin laying on the table, relaxed, and allowing me to solely focus and devote all of my attention on her. When we first started using the Love Altar, I was pleasantly surprised as I was able to discover so many new erogenous areas on her. As much as I love our fun in bed, having a massage table gives easier access to Robin. In bed, I’m often laying at Robin’s side resting my elbow on the mattress when rubbing and caressing her soft skin. I often get somewhat stiff or sore when caressing her for a lengthy period of time. Luckily, the massage table is the immediate remedy. Our Love Altar allows me to have easy access to all areas of her body, and at an accessible height, which increases the longevity of our playtime without either of us growing tired too quickly.

Robin Says: Our Love Altar means a lot to me. Whether it’s me or Liam on the table, we always have a great time! Over the course of the past few years, we’ve used the massage table on so many occasions…almost too many to count. The Love Altar has become a place for us to explore each other’s bodies and relieve stress. We often test new sex toys on it, use it as a platform for our bondage, sensory, and/or electro-play sessions, and we’ve both had some of our most memorable orgasms when using the Love Altar. In my opinion, I feel that every couple should have a massage table…you won’t regret it!

Now that we’ve told you our feelings and our love for our massage table, we thought it would be great to give you a rundown of our massage equipment. It wouldn’t be fair for us to brag about our setup without providing you with a means to get one for yourselves. Here’s our exact setup:


Massage Table (aka Love Altar)

Our massage table is manufactured/sold by BestMassage. We bought ours online at for $159.99.

This is a portable massage table which folds up easily and can be stored away when not in use. The overall dimensions of the table are: 77” long and 30” wide with a top pad thickness of 4” making it very comfortable to lay on for a lengthy period of time. The padding is made of thick, high density foam and covered with PU leather making it oil and waterproof.

We also love that the height is adjustable to 35” and is easily done by removing 2 bolts from each leg, making the appropriate height adjustment, and then replacing the bolts (as shown above). This table includes a removable/adjustable head rest, arm pads, and arm shelf when laying face-down. Also, the foot end of the table can be turned into a backrest and is adjustable to 60 degrees making it perfect for neck and shoulder massages.

This table also comes with a half bolster (shown above) and carrying case! As for the most important feature of all…it’s extremely solid and sturdy! The table itself is made of high-quality beech hardwood and can hold a maximum working weight of 600 lbs.  For us, once we’re finished giving each other a relaxing massage, we often hop on the table to finish playtime with some mind-blowing vigorous sex and we haven’t had any stability issues whatsoever.


Massage Table Sheet Set

Laying directly on the massage table’s leather surface feels really cold and makes it a bit more difficult to relax. For this reason, we ended up purchasing a couple sets of True massage table sheets. These sheets are very soft and comfortable as they are made of a 100% cotton t-shirt material. Each set comes in 3 pieces: fitted table sheet, fitted headrest cover, and flat sheet. We also bought these sheet sets on for $15.99.


Breast Bolster

A breast bolster isn’t a necessity by any means. However, for those with large breasts, this bolster does make massage time more comfortable when laying face-down. The bolster above is made by DevLon NorthWest which can be purchased on for $49.95. The bolster is 18” wide and 21” length with a pad thickness of 4”. Overall, this cushion does a great job of alleviating pressure on the breasts and adding additional support to the collar bone.


Neck Pillow

We love using a contoured neck pillow when laying face-up on our table. Having some additional neck support makes playtime more comfortable. The pillow shown above is a travel size memory foam neck pillow called Z by Malouf. We bought our pillow on for 24.99 and it comes with a 3-year warranty. The pillow itself is 12” x 10” x4” and is contoured to fit the natural curves of your head, neck and shoulders. We love the width of the pillow as it still allows us easy access for neck and shoulder massages. One great thing about this pillow…it has a removable cover that can be washed.


Massage Oil

Another important part of any massage is having a good oil. We researched so many different types of oils and didn’t have any idea what would work best. After speaking with a message therapist, they recommended that we use an organic oil such as almond or coconut oil. Having said this, we bought each of these oils from Our favorite oil is the Majestic Pure Fractionated Coconut Oil (pictured right) which we purchased in a 16 oz. pump bottle for $11.95. This coconut oil is silky smooth, doesn’t stain, and is odorless. The almond oil, made by Earth’s Essentials, (pictured left) is also very soothing. Much like the coconut oil, it is odorless and does not stain. We bought the almond oil in a 16 oz. pump bottle for $12.89.  As for preference, we like the coconut oil more than the almond…but that’s just us.


Massage Oil Warmer

Having good massage oil is important, but also having warm oil helps keep you comfortable and relaxed. Placing cold massage oil on the body can be extremely startling! To heat up our massage oil, we keep TOUCH at the side of our Love Altar.  TOUCH can heat up your oil in just two minutes and is simple to use.  You can purchase your own TOUCH directly from Couples Playthings for $119.


Positioning Aid

Having something to help position the hips when receiving a massage can make playtime a bit more enjoyable. We use a Liberator Wedge a lot…especially for erotic massages. The Liberator Wedge measures 14” length, 24” width, 7” height and features a subtle 27 degree slope which helps prop up the mid-section allowing for easier access for genital and anal/prostate massage. The Wedge is made from a high-density foam with a removable and machine-washable cover. For those wanting to have sex on the massage table, the Wedge also allows for deeper penetration. You can purchase the Wedge at Couples Playthings for $89.99. To learn more about Liberator Wedge, check out our review here.


Massage Wand

On many occasions, we often crave some rumbly vibrations during our massages. To satisfy our craving, we add a massage wand such as the Doxy Die Cast or Magic Wand Rechargeable. Both of these wands are very powerful and rumbly which are perfect for external body massage and are equally amazing when pressed against the labia, clit, or any other erogenous parts. Also, for those of you that enjoy anal plug play…we encourage you to try pressing a massage wand against the plug’s base at a very low setting. You might be pleasantly surprised by some truly amazing sensations! As for the main differences between these two wands is this: the Doxy Die Cast is slightly more powerful, but has a 10 foot cord attached. The Magic Wand Rechargeable is cordless making it a better option if you’re worried about a cord being in the way. Both of these wands can be purchased at Couples Playthings. The Doxy Die Cast sells for $189.99 while the Magic Wand Rechargeable is priced at $124.99.


Massage Stones

Adding massage stones to your session is a really good idea if you or your partner is experiencing lots of tension. We love using the Adori Porcelain Massage Stones by Désireables. The Adori comes in a set of three stones ranging from small, medium, to large. Each stone is ergonomically designed to provide an extremely relaxing massage. The stones are contoured in a unique way so they fit into the palm of the hand rather than having to hold onto the stone. Due to this design, it makes it easy to give a much longer massage without the hand getting tired or cramping. Also, the design allows for the stones to be held in either hand. We use these stones on a regular basis and we truly love them as they work really well removing knots of tension in the shoulders, neck, and back. And, they feel amazing over the entire body! You can purchase your own set of Adori Porcelain Massage Stones directly from Couples Playthings for $60.


Aftercare Towel

Aftercare is very important after a regular massage, erotic massage, or bondage session. With that said, we love having our Cumpanion Aftercare Towel on hand when playtime is over. We use copious amounts of massage oil during our sessions, often times, resulting in the inability for the oils to soak completely into our skin. That’s where this towel comes in handy. We’re able to wipe off any residual oils with this super soft towel. Also, the towel was designed for the cleaning up of body fluids. For those instances when an erotic massage has taken place, it works great cleaning up after a squirting orgasm. We’ve reviewed a Cumpanion Towel so feel free to read our review here. The Cumpanion Aftercare Towel can be purchased for $16.99 at AnnaRae. In fact, it might be best to purchase 2 or 3 of them at the same time (one for you, one for your partner, and one for table cleanup)!


We understand that our exact setup may be considered as an “unnecessary expense” for some. However, incorporating both sensual and erotic massages can certainly take your relationship to an entirely new (and positive) level and is more than just a financial set-back. If you’re looking to purchase the exact same setup, expect to pay around $650 - $750. If you’re on a budget, we highly recommend purchasing the massage table, at the least. Massaging each other feels out of this world and can be extremely enjoyable for both the giver and receiver. Lastly, when having fun with erotic massage, don’t forget to incorporate some sex toys. Using vibrators, plugs, dildos, penis massagers and prostate toys may leave you and your partner wanting to come back for more!


We hope you have enjoyed this post. Please feel free to comment if you have any questions, concerns, or information you'd like to share. Be sure to check back for more product reviews or subscribe to our newsletter for automatic updates. We can also be reached directly via email at


Thanks again,
 Robin & Liam




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