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Our Fun With Sensory Play

August 09, 2016

Our Fun With Sensory Play

Our relationship has grown so incredibly strong over the past few years. One major factor that’s made our relationship so strong is trust. We’ve been so blessed in regards to our openness to each other and our ability to communicate in a healthy and positive way. For us, sensory play/deprivation has been a contributor to maintaining an open line of communication and a solid foundation for trust.

Messing with a person’s senses can be very erotic, fun, exciting, discomforting, and scary. It takes a great deal of courage to submit your body and mind to another person. When first beginning to dabble with sensory play & deprivation, it can often feel scary and discomforting. But, with a mixture of trust and faith in your partner, the scariness and discomfort can be transformed into a very pleasurable and euphoric experience. We’ve had some mind-blowing moments playing with each other’s senses and we’d like to tell you about a couple of them.

If you’ve read some of our other articles, you’re probably familiar with our “Love Altar.” For those of you that are unfamiliar, the “Love Altar” is the name we’ve given to our massage table. It has become one of our favorite places to initiate foreplay and other erotic fun. Almost all of our sensory play happens on this special piece of furniture. Our first time using the Love Altar for sensory play was an experience we’ll never forget.

Our first experience

Liam: I could tell that Robin was a bit nervous about trying sensory play. With that said, I volunteered to go first. I gave her complete control which allowed her to see how I reacted to the stimulation that she provided. With lights turned down very low, Robin had me close my eyes. We didn’t use a blindfold as Robin wanted to make sure I could immediately see in the event that I became too uncomfortable. However, I was a good boy and kept my eyes closed the entire time. While lying on the Love Altar, I could hear Robin moving around the table. I could hear her moving items around when suddenly I felt something very soft bush across my chest and nipples. It really caught me off guard but it made me really excited. I wasn’t sure what she was using on me. She continued on and the soft gentle strokes grazed all the way down my body and between my legs. At that time I realized she was using a feather tickler. I was so shocked how powerful a tiny little feather could be!

Suddenly, the stimulation stopped after a several minutes. I could hear her moving around the table as well as the tussling of items that Robin was moving around. In a quiet voice, I said “I can hear you.” She immediately turned on some music and raised the volume to a point that I could no longer hear her movements. As I laid there, I was totally excited as to what she’d do next. In no time at all, I felt something extremely cold against both of my nipples. I instantly knew that she was using ice. Keeping my eyes closed, I continued lying down while feeling the ice melting all over my body. Eventually, Robin made her way back to my face and, with a piece of ice in her mouth, kissed me. The feeling of her cold tongue and lips drove me absolutely wild. It was so sexy!

After the amazing kiss that I received, Robin instructed me to open my eyes. With my eyes wide open, she started massaging my entire body. Her warm hands were covered with massage oil and it felt wonderful against my chilled skin. As she continued rubbing, her eyes were locked with mine. Robin told me to keep eye contact with her. Her beautiful green eyes put me in a trance. Somehow I was able to maintain eye contact the entire time until I arrived at my ‘happy ending’. Sensory play, for me, left me in a state of ecstasy. I’d never felt anything like this before and it took quite a while to come down from the emotional high that I was in.

Once my emotional high came to an end, the time had come for Robin to experience what I’d gone through. I did the exact same thing to her but in a different order so she wouldn’t be able to anticipate my next move. Unsurprisingly, Robin was also left in a state of euphoria.

Our second experience

Robin: I learned a lot from our first experience and gained so much confidence with sensory play. Whether in control, or on the receiving end, I started to feel really comfortable with Liam. I knew that I could trust him and I was in good hands. With that said, we discussed our first experience and decided to step it up a notch. This time around we decided to do more with sensory deprivation. I had no idea what Liam would do or what to expect.

While sitting at the edge of the massage table, Liam walked over to me, kissed me, and proceeded to cover my eyes with a blindfold. He then helped lift my legs up onto the Love Altar. With his warm hand on my back, he slowly lowered my upper body onto the table. As I laid there in wonder, I was really excited as to what would come next. I said to Liam, “I love you”, but I didn’t get a response. Little did I know, he had left the room briefly. I heard him walk back into the room and I told him again that I loved him. Liam leaned over my face and I could feel his warm breath whisper back to me, “I love you too.” With my other senses heightened, I could tell that he was wearing the cologne that I picked out for him. He smelled amazing! He later revealed to me that he left the room to put on the cologne.

Liam started out with a very relaxing massage. His warm hands felt wonderful! As he continued rubbing me from head to toe, I laid there wondering what else he was going to do. After several minutes into my rub down, Liam approached my head and placed headphones on me. I remember him vividly lifting one side of the headphones and said “relax, I promise I’ll take good care of you.” Once the earphone was back in place, I immediately started hearing some music play. The volume wasn’t too high, but was loud enough that I had no clue what he was doing. Moments later, I felt some pressure on my labia. It was very cold and I wasn’t sure exactly what it was. Suddenly the pressure came to life and I realized that he was using a wand massager on me. It felt so wonderful! While moving the wand across my labia and clit, Liam also started flicking my nipples with his free hand making each of them hard as rocks. Liam continued on with the wand massager to the point that I wanted to orgasm. I wasn’t ready to orgasm so I kindly asked him to stop.

After stopping, Liam came back to my face and lifted the earphone. He told me that he loved me and then followed his soft words with a very seductive kiss. Liam continued on and began massaging my breasts. I was able to calm myself down and I knew Liam was paying attention to my body language. He knew that I was calm so he started back in with his massaging. This time, I felt a deep rumble against my clit. I wasn’t sure which vibrator he was using, but it didn’t really matter. Either way, it felt so wonderful. Little by little, Liam continued with the vibrator to the point that it was inside me and pressed against my g-spot. I started to get really heated up as my favorite song miraculously began to play through the headphones. I’m not sure if any of you have heard the song Drive by Melissa Ferrick. If not, I strongly encourage you to check it out. Anyways, Drive was playing at the time that the vibrator was slowly moving in and out of me. The vibrations sent pleasuring waves throughout my entire body. I knew I was reaching my ‘point of no return’ and I didn’t want to climax yet. However, as hard as I tried, I couldn't get any words out to tell Liam to stop. Before the song could finish, I let out a loud moan and orgasmed like I’d never done before.

Poor Liam…I wasn’t able to return the favor this time around. My first time with sensory deprivation didn’t last as long as I wanted. It was so intense that I couldn’t keep going. After several hours had passed, I was finally able to return to a more calming state of mind.

Subsequent experiences

The two of us have gained a lot of experience with sensory play and deprivation. Since our first couple of experiences, we’ve tried many new things. For those of you that like a little bit of kink/BDSM, we can say that adding some paddle and flogger play can be really exciting. We’ve used restraints on each other which prevents the receiver from touching the giver as well as prohibiting movement and escape. Ball gags and Wartenberg wheels have also been added to our repertoire and it’s been lots of fun. If you’d like to learn more about sensory play and sensory deprivation, check out our article Erotic Fun With Your 5 Senses.


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Thanks again,
Robin & Liam

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