Going Beyond Vanilla: Sexual Exploration & Communicating New Desires

November 15, 2016

Going Beyond Vanilla: Sexual Exploration & Communicating New Desires-Couples Playthings

We are extremely excited to announce that Liam is guest moderating SexTalkTuesday on December 6th!

Our goal with this discussion is to get participants thinking about communicating and exploring sexual desires with their partners. Vanilla sex can be a lot of fun, but many of us are wanting more. There are so many sexual activities for couples to explore! Those activities can be as simple as oral sex, or very complicated like dominance and submission. Some of us may want to be spanked while others may want to explore watersports. No matter what your desires are, there’s someone else out there wanting the same thing. SexTalkTuesday will be the perfect medium to bring people together for an intimate discussion.

We encourage participants to speak freely about their desires as other participants may already have experience. Also, we hope that participants will help each other by offering encouragement and advice to assist in making your desires become reality.

If you’ve taken the time to read many of the articles on our website, you’ve probably determined by now that we love exploring new things together and sharing our discoveries. When we first started dating it was pretty much vanilla sex for us. Although we were very comfortable with each other in the beginning, there was great hesitation in exploring new things. Our “gateway” to sexual exploration occurred when we started using sex toys together during foreplay. We enjoyed every minute of it and it eventually lead to more.

Now, after being together for several years, we’ve advanced our sexual activities significantly. Our sexual repertoire now includes the following: anal play, bondage & discipline, dominance & submission, electro stimulation, erotic massage, mutual masturbation & sex toy play, orgasm control & edging, pegging, prostate milking, role playing, and sensory play/deprivation.

Working our way towards (and actually accomplishing) the above activities took a great deal of communication between the two of us. We are very open and respectful to one another when discussing new desires. Not only do we communicate our ideas, we also communicate before, during, and after a hot sex play session.  We always discuss our likes, dislikes, things we want to try next time, and things we don’t want to try again. This open line of communication has made a significant positive impact on our relationship. We’ve found that sexual exploration has built a high level of trust in each other and communication (in all aspects of our life) has improved significantly. Our love for one another has grown tenfold and we are in a very happy place in our relationship. We want the same for you and your partner!

If possible, please join us on Twitter at @SexTalkTuesday on December 6th from 3:00 to 4:00 PM EST . We’d love to have an opportunity to interact with you! And remember, SexTalkTuesday happens every Tuesday so be sure tune in each week for some great discussions.

Thank you for allowing us to guest moderate #SexTalkTuesday! 

Robin & Liam
UPDATE: Click here follow-up on Liam's SexTalkTuesday discussion.

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