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Erotic Fun With Your 5 Senses

May 31, 2016

Erotic Fun With Your 5 Senses

The human body is a mysterious and beautiful thing. Most of us have been blessed with 5 remarkable senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. Have you and your partner taken the time to focus on these five senses during your bedroom fun? Well, if you and your partner are looking to explore beyond traditional bedroom activities, sensory play could be a wonderful new addition. Heightening your partner’s senses can often help relieve them of stress. If you and your partner have been thinking about entering into more kinky play, sensory deprivation may also be a great place to begin. When one or more of a person’s senses are taken away, it often results in the remaining senses to be heightened. Sensory deprivation can often build a greater level of trust between partners as well. When done properly, both sensory play and sensory deprivation can be a mind-blowing experience!

Defining sensory play and sensory deprivation

Sensory play is a set of activities used to bring physical sensations to your partner to heighten their senses. The sensations created from this type of play can be very sensual and overall pleasing. On the flip side, sensory play can also be used to inflict pain for those that find pain to be pleasurable.

Sensory deprivation is the deliberate removal of stimuli from one or more of the five senses. Devices are typically used to block off the function of a specific sense. A common and popular device often used is a blindfold.

Getting started

As with any new idea, the first and most important factor in getting started is communication. Always discuss things thoroughly with each other to ensure you both have a firm understanding about the idea. Be certain to put a plan in place as to how the two of you are going to initiate this new idea. If either of you decide it’s not the right time or aren’t interested in sensory play and/or sensory deprivation, then simply drop the idea but leave it open for a future discussion. If both of you have agreed to give it a try, then develop the plan…especially when it comes to sensory deprivation. Sensory deprivation can be very dangerous when done for an extended period of time. Forced sensory deprivation can result in extreme depression and anxiety. Some people have experienced hallucinations and strange thoughts. Be careful!

When planning, be sure to sit down and talk about what interests each of you have. Remember to start lightly and try something that will not be too stressful or complicated. When starting with sensory play, try using a piece of ice for temperature play. Or, if you have a clean feather duster lying around, use that to gently graze across your partner’s body. Once the two of you have determined that sensory play is a perfect fit, take things a step further and give new things a try.

As for sensory deprivation, a more elaborate plan is required. It’s always a good idea to write down the things you’re interested in as well as those that should be avoided. There’s a good possibility that either of you may want to be gagged, leaving you unable to speak. Develop a gesture, or body movement, to replace a safe word in the event that you or your partner want to stop. There may be times when either of you could be restrained. When restrained, be sure to come up with a safe word so play immediately stops. Just like sensory play, start lightly. Try starting out with a blindfold so your partner cannot see.

Ideas for sensory play and deprivation

There are so many possibilities to play with each other’s senses. Unfortunately, there are so many that we can’t even begin to name them all. We’ve created a list of great examples of things to try with sensory play and deprivation. Remember, start out lightly and try only one thing at a time.


  • Maintain eye contact. When involved in sensory play, try maintaining eye contact with your partner. This experience can be very intense when gazing into each other’s eyes.
  • Use a blindfold. Blindfolds are perfect for sensory deprivation. When starting out, try using a tie or scarf as a blindfold.


  • Whisper softly. For some people, whispering into your partner’s ear can be very erotic and pleasurable. Their warm breath against your ear can be an added bonus!
  • Play music. Make a hot and steamy playlist for those erotic sensory play moments. Listening to the beats and the lyrics can create a very hot and exciting experience.
  • Wear noise-canceling ear muffs, ear plugs, or headphones. For sensory deprivation, taking away the ability to hear can be very exciting. Noise-canceling ear muffs or ear plugs are a perfect option. If that’s not an option, put ear buds on your partner so they can only hear music rather than what you’re doing.


  • Try erotic massage. Grab your favorite lubes and massage oils and rub your partner’s entire body. Remember to pay close attention to their erogenous zones!
  • Temperature play. Take a piece of ice and rub it all over your partner’s body. Or, drip candle wax for a hot experience. When playing with candle wax, make sure your partner likes extreme heat as it could be more on the painful side.
  • Use sex toys. Try using an external wand massager across your partner’s body. This can help relieve some stress. When your partner is properly warmed up, feel free to grab her/his favorite dildo or vibrator to continue the fun and concentrate on their naughty bits.
  • Provide gentle/light stimulation. Feather ticklers or silk scarves are a great way to lightly stimulate your partner. Gently graze a feather or light piece of silk across their body. Floggers can also be used for a gentle side of play as well. Hold the flogger above their body so that only the tips of the flogger make contact with their skin. Then, gently graze across their entire body.
  • Give pain play a try. Start out using a Wartenberg wheel. Since the wheel itself contains needle-like points, this can feel very prickly yet pleasurable. Once used to pain, try spanking your partner with a paddle or flogger.
  • Restrain your partner. For those that want to dabble with sensory deprivation, taking a person’s ability to touch the other person can be very powerful. Use ropes, handcuffs or any other type of restraint to keep your partner at bay.
  • Light scented candles. The glow of a candle can really enhance mood. Pick your partner’s favorite scented candle allowing its scent to fill the air.
  • Wear perfumes/colognes. There’s something sexy about the way your partner smells, especially during bedroom play. Wear your partner’s favorite perfume/cologne to heighten their arousal. Scents work especially well during sensory deprivation. Taking away one or more of a person’s senses can really heighten their sense of smell.


  • Play with food. Food can be a lot of fun to incorporate with sensory play. The sense of taste also pairs well with touch. Grab a bowl of strawberries and graze them over your partner. Feed your partner the strawberry, but don’t forget to eat too! Melted chocolate, or chocolate syrup, can also be a wonderful addition to bring tasty pleasures.

Ideas for intermediate to advanced play

Once you and your partner have gained some experience with sensory play and deprivation, try advancing once the two of you feel comfortable. Play can become very intense when mixing two or more of the ideas above. Try pairing some sensory play ideas with deprivation ideas. We’ve created a list below of ideas to try.

  •  Blindfold your partner and wear noise-canceling earphones. This can be a very intense experience. In addition to not being able to see, you or your partner cannot hear as well. This will definitely heighten their other three senses. Or, you can use some ear bud headphones and allow them to listen to their favorite erotic playlist.
  • Restrain your partner and provide light/gentle stimulation. Tie your partner up and then use a feather tickler on them. Get them laughing and squirming uncontrollably…have fun! For heavier play, replace gentle stimulation with their favorite external massager, dildo or vibrator.
  • Wear your favorite perfume/cologne while your partner is blindfolded. Get really close to your blindfolded lover so they can smell your captivating scent. Go a step further and whisper sweet nothings or talk dirty.

Again, there are an endless amount of combinations to try. Be creative and have fun!


Sensory play and sensory deprivation can be very intense. Give your partner time to come back down very gradually. Be sure to taper off play time by applying gentle stimulation and do so with less frequency. Once finished, always be certain to take great care of your partner. Due to their heighten state, they may need some time to calm down both physically and mentally. They may experience some light-headedness, feel physically weak, emotional and cold. Sensory deprivation, especially, requires a great amount of aftercare. Wrap your partner in a warm blanket and serve them a warm beverage. Cuddle with them and give plenty of attention and praise. Once your partner has come down from their physical and emotional high, it’s best to talk about what happened. Discuss both likes and dislikes as well as what you’d like to try going forward. Use that communication as a foundation for future play.

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Please check out our article Our Fun With Sensory Play & Sensory Deprivation. This article gives an in-depth look into our own experience with sensory play and the positive impact that it has made in our relationship. 

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