Discovering the Mysterious P-spot

April 12, 2016

Discovering the Mysterious P-spot-Couples Playthings

Are you familiar with the prostate gland? Did you know that it can be massaged? Are you aware of the health benefits associated with prostate massage? Well, if you or your partner aren’t familiar with the prostate gland, we’d like to provide some information about this mysterious little gland. The prostate is a very important part of the male body and it is important to give it some tender loving care to keep it working as best that it can.

What is the prostate and how does it work?

The prostate is a tiny gland found only in men and is an extremely important part of the male reproductive system. This gland is comprised of smooth muscles which help push seminal fluid from the penis during intercourse. The prostate acts as a factory by producing a milky white fluid that protects and nourishes semen as it gets pushed through the urethra. When a man ejaculates, fluid produced in the prostate is pushed into the urethra along with the sperm and is passed out of the body as semen. Additionally, the prostate is responsible for controlling the flow of urine through a series of valves, otherwise known as sphincters. These sphincters open and close based on what’s attempting to pass. When trying to urinate, the sphincter responsible for allowing seminal fluid closes only allowing for the flow of urine. During ejaculation, the sphincter responsible for urination closes thereby shutting off the flow of urine which prevents semen contamination. The prostate is very complex!

What are the health benefits of prostate massage?

As men grow older, it is very common for many to experience enlargement of the prostate. As the prostate enlarges, it puts pressure on the urethra and bladder resulting in restricted urine flow. An unhealthy prostate can also affect sexual performance. Two things that can contribute to an unhealthy prostate include eating unhealthy foods and sitting for long periods of time.

There are three main benefits for prostate massage: helps increase blood flow, release toxins, and helps produce orgasms. Sitting all day long can restrict blood flow to the prostate. Massaging the prostate helps increase circulation by bringing freshly oxygenated blood to the prostate. A poor diet often contains many toxins. As those toxins are passed through the body, some toxins get absorbed into the bladder and prostate. During ejaculation, these toxins remain stagnant and are not always released from the prostate. Prostate massage can almost completely flush out the toxins resulting in a healthier prostate and healthier semen. The prostate gland is also referred to as the “male g-spot” or “p-spot.” The reason being is that the prostate gland is similar to a woman’s “g-spot” and can increase the intensity of an orgasm when stimulated.

How do I massage the p-spot?

The P-spot is an erogenous zone that is growing in popularity in today’s society. The prostate can be stimulated either externally or internally. To properly massage the prostate, the most important thing is to know where it’s located. Internally, the prostate is located below the bladder, in front of the rectum, and surrounds the urethra. Externally, the prostate is located behind the perineum (aka taint) which is the area between the scrotum and anus. The prostate gland is very small and about the size of a walnut.


For proper internal prostate massaging, it is recommended to use either a finger or device designed specifically for the prostate. As with any anal play activity, first be sure to use generous amounts of lubrication. Whether using a finger or toy, be sure to have the stimulating portion pointed towards the belly button. Go very slow and be gentle. Allow the anus to relax so that entry doesn’t have to be forced. Forcing your way in could result in a great amount of pain. When using your finger, there will be a spongy bulge about 2 inches inside the rectum…that is the prostate. You will definitely know when you’ve found the prostate as even the slightest stimulation will most-likely produce some reaction. Be very gentle when touching the prostate as it is extremely sensitive. A good rule is: apply the same amount of pressure as you would if you were touching your eyeball. Continue gently massaging the prostate with up-and-down motions. You can also change things up by moving side-to-side and in a circular pattern. It probably won’t take too incredibly long before ejaculation occurs. Also, when doing this with a partner, always communicate with them. Ask them how they’re doing and if it feels good. Take the feedback from your partner and give them the best possible pleasure.

When using a device for prostate massage, the same directions above apply. However, since you cannot use your own sense of touch, you’ll have to pay attention to body movements and communicate when you’ve hit the p-spot. This is generally a great rule when using a vibrating hand-held massager. Communication is less important when using other devices that are meant to be inserted and remain in place such as the massager in the above diagram.

For external stimulation, there is a raised ridge on the perineum and the prostate is directly behind this area. Applying firm pressure to this area with two or three fingers can provide great pleasure. The external method is not nearly as effective as the internal method but still better than no massage at all.

Hopefully you’ve learned some new things about the prostate and prostate massage. If not, we hope it was somewhat of a refresher for you. Be sure to check out A Guide to the Male Anatomy for more information on the male body. Now please go explore the prostate on your own…it shouldn’t be so mysterious anymore.


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