Daydreaming at Work

April 03, 2017

Daydreaming at Work-Couples Playthings

It was a chilly & wet early spring afternoon as I sat at my work desk. Thoughts of my wildly sexy wife, Robin, kept racing through my mind. I just wanted the day to be over as quickly as possible. Visions of what I wanted to do with her kept my cock hard and my mind from completing even the most simple of work tasks. It was only 2:43 pm and it seemed as if 4:30 would never come. The constant reminder of her was stowed away in my pants and carefully hidden underneath my desk so nobody else could see my massive hard-on.  Oh how I wished Robin could be under my desk gracefully working my shaft with her soft wet mouth. These thoughts continued to dance through my mind until it was time to leave.

My drive home from work seemed to happen in mere seconds. One minute I was leaving my parking ramp and, what felt like only a minute passed, I was sitting in my car in our garage. The continuous thoughts of eating her sweet pussy and playing with her supple ass provided me with no recollection of making a single turn, stopping at stop light, or hearing a single tune on the radio on my drive home. I wanted her. I needed her. I craved her.  Upon realizing that I was back home, I peered to my right and saw that Robin’s car was not yet present. It was now 4:53 pm and all I wanted to do was push my gorgeous wife onto our bed and have my way with her.

Only 11 minutes passed before Robin arrived home. For me, it felt like an eternity as my craving for her was far beyond any mental control that I was capable of. I couldn’t help but sit in the doorway like a little puppy waiting for their master to come home. I carefully watched as she entered wearing black pants and her black leather jacket. Her shiny dark hair hung over her left eye revealing a very seductive facial expression. I couldn’t help but stare at her soft sexy lips as she greeted me. Oh those lips…those marvelous lips. Within seconds, I was completely caught in her spell. A spell in which she wasn’t even aware she had casted upon me. My hands were like magnets to her body as I had no control. I clutched at her arms with my hands, instantly feeling the leather jacket. The leather was warm to my touch due to her soft and warm radiating skin. As she started to speak, I quickly and unconsciously interrupted her. My left hand made its way from her arm to the nape of her neck. My right hand quickly raced to her butt and I pulled her into me forcefully. Before a word could come from her mouth, my lips were against hers. Our lips met with passion, my left hand grabbed at the hair on the back of her head, and our tongues slipped against each other. I couldn’t help but let out a soft growl as my innermost alpha-male took control of me. Robin hadn’t made it more than four feet into our home and was already under my control.

As our tongues continued to wrestle, both of my hands quickly made their way to her waistline. In an unconscious effort, I was undoing the button to her pants. Our tongues soon parted ways and I was then, ever-so-slowly, removing her pants and underwear. While doing so, Robin said, “Well, hello Mr. McKenzie.” Without any hesitation, I replied, “Hi, I want you so fucking bad.” My lips attacked hers a second time while I gently pushed her against the hallway wall.  My hands found their way to Robin’s cheeks and I held her head to keep her lips from parting mine. Like before, the magnetic connection of my hands to her body took control again. This time, my left hand made its way up her shirt and wiggled its way between her bra and bare skin. In no time at all, Robin was panting, and my left hand was caressing her breast and pinching at her nipple. My right hand quickly followed down her body eventually pressing against her labia. Her labia was hot to my touch and I could feel her getting wetter as each second passed. While holding pattern in our passionate kiss, two of my fingers made their way between Robin’s juicy slit. I caressed her wet pinkness and could feel her clit become harder and harder. I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed to taste her!

Still in the hallway, I dropped to my knees to pay homage to Robin and her wet pussy. She took two steps forward, with her back still planted to the wall, giving me and my tongue easy access to her beautifully shaved pussy. Her thighs were wet in her own juices and I couldn’t help but lick it off before burying my face in her labia. Very slowly, I began kissing and massaging the wet skin of her pussy with my lips. Occasionally, I would tease her clit with the quick flick of my tongue. She tasted so sweet and I wanted more of her…a lot more. Before I could go any further, Robin said, “You’re so sexy, I want you inside me.” She grabbed the back of my head with both hands and pulled my face back into her dripping pussy. I couldn’t help but fuck her with my tongue as hard and fast as possible. She started panting and moaning uncontrollably. Within a couple of minutes, she let out a loud orgasmic cry and more love juice came pouring from her. I tried to keep going in hopes to make her cum again but she pushed my face away and asked me to stand up. Upon standing again, Robin gazed deeply into my eyes saying, “I wanna feel your cock inside me.”

I quickly grabbed Robin by the arm and lead her into our bedroom. Within seconds, we were both undressing as fast as possible. Once we were both undressed, we stood at the edge of our bed in a third passionate kiss. Soon after kissing, I pushed Robin onto the bed so she was facing up at me. I grabbed her legs and pulled her close so her butt was slightly hanging off the bed. As our eyes locked, I slowly pushed my throbbing cock into her hot wet pussy up to the hilt of my shaft. Robin instantly let out a soft sigh as we continued gazing into each other’s eyes. After burying my cock in her, I start thrusting in-and-out and more vigorously with each thrust. As I continued thrusting, I leaned forward gripping her beautiful breasts and pinching both nipples. Robin looked up at me in silence with love-drunk eyes…I knew that very moment she was loving what I was giving her. By this point I was really worked-up and excited, almost to the point that I was about to cum. I didn’t want the fun to be over just quite yet so I pulled out to give my cock a break.

During the break, Robin climbed completely onto the bed. I continued onto the bed and laid next to her. As we were lying there, my hands found their way back to her extremely wet pussy. Robin lifted her chin and stretched out her neck as I started kissing the base of her neck. I continued kissing up her neck making my way to her ear lobe. Sliding two fingers inside of her, I pressed both against her g-spot as I sucked on hear ear lobe. She started moaning and squirming and I briefly pulled my mouth away to look at her gorgeous face. Robin laid there with eyes closed and a huge smile on her face. I went back to her lobe for more sucking and also worked at her clit with my thumb. Now, Robin was gyrating on my fingers and rocking against my thumb. Not even a minute went by and she let out another orgasmic cry. I was so turned on and knew that I needed to be inside her again. Before I could take action, Robin said, “I wanna feel you cum in me.”

In no time at all, I demanded, “Roll over and get on all fours.” Robin was very obedient and did almost that, but with her face buried in a pillow. Before entering her, I took a few seconds to admire her body. Her gorgeous ass was raised, back was arched, and a light coat of glistening sweat shined all over her…she was so sexy. With careful placement, I knelt between her legs with both of my hands on her hips and gently pushed my cock back inside. Once in all the way, I could feel her muscles contract around my manhood. I continued moving in-and-out at a very slow pace so she could feel every single inch that I was giving. While slowly thrusting, I couldn’t help but admire her cute little pucker. With that said, I asked, “Can I give your pucker some attention too?” She raised her head from the pillow, turned back at me, and said “please do.” As her face made its way back to the pillow, I placed a dab of lube on her hole. I gently started circling her tight little pucker while moving slowly in her wet pussy. With each circle of my finger, I could see and feel that her cute little asshole relax more and more.  

As I continued thrusting and playing with her pucker, Robin started pushing back and pounding against my pelvis. Before I knew it, my finger was all the way inside her ass while my cock was working at her pussy. With my finger in Robin’s ass, I could feel my cock rub against her vaginal wall with each thrust. For one reason or another, it must’ve felt really good for her. After a couple of minutes, Robin was pounding against me like an animal. She stopped pounding, started gyrating, and back to pounding all the while letting out cries of pleasure. “Fuck me, fuck me hard…cum, cum!” she cried out. This got me worked into a sexual frenzy so I started pounding at her as hard as I could. I kept pounding and pounding…she kept screaming, moaning and panting. Suddenly, I felt her contract harder than usual and she let out an earth-shattering cry. At that very moment, I exploded inside her while slowly removing my finger. Her body arched, relaxed, arched again, relaxed again…she’s amazing, and so sexy! As I knelt there admiring both her sounds and movements, I could feel Robin’s pussy contract over and over again milking every last drop of cum from my cock.

Eventually, I pulled out and flopped beside Robin on the bed. By this point, both of us were exhausted and panting like wild dogs. We laid there together holding hands and enjoying the sweet smell of sex in the air. Once coming down from our orgasmic utopia, we gazed into each other’s sex-drunk eyes and smiled.


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Robin & Liam

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