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Date Night

February 08, 2018 1 Comment

Date Night

The last couple of weeks had been so busy for us. Almost to the point that Liam and I felt as if we had grown apart. The seemingly endless rat race of shuttling kids to their activities, running errands, and attending client meetings for work left me in a constant state of frenzy. Over the course of two weeks, Liam and I only had the opportunity to talk during dinner. Our conversations were very short and to the point. I could tell when gazing into Liam’s eyes that he must’ve felt completely defeated. Normally, he’s full of life and laughter, but things were different. It had been a few weeks since I felt the touch of Liam’s hands or a truly sensual kiss. I wanted it, needed it, and craved it. However, when Liam’s in a rush, I try to stand aside as he moves like he’s on an extremely important mission.

It was on a Thursday evening that I finally saw an ounce of hope that our dynamic would soon be changing. Our kids approached us during dinner, each of them asking to attend sleepovers at their friend’s houses. It took Liam only a matter of seconds to respond, “Of course, have a great time!” Hearing him say that made me realize that maybe he wanted me all to himself. After dinner was over, it was time to get back to real life as dishes needed washing, leftovers put away, and still plenty of laundry to be folded. As I started washing the very first dish, Liam unexpectedly approached me from behind. He had a dish towel in his left hand and brought it around the front of my waistline, catching it in his right hand. Very slowly, he pulled at the dish towel with both of his arms, drawing me in very close to him. With our bodies pressed firmly against each other, I felt the warmth of his breath on my neck and ear. “I’m sorry I’ve been so distant lately…I love you Baby”, Liam said. That was music to my ears! As we continued doing dishes, Liam asked me what I’d like to do when the kids were at their sleepovers. I immediately said in a cheerful voice, “Let’s go on a date night!”

For the very first time in two weeks, the two of us were finally communicating like we had in the past. We worked as a team that night and completed all of our nightly chores together. Throughout the evening we discussed what we’d like to do for our date night. We decided together that we’d head out to one of our favorite restaurants for a four course meal and let the rest of the night playout in an unplanned fashion. I love and adore our kids, but I was ready for some time alone with Liam. I got the best sleep that night as I no longer had to worry that our relationship was potentially in jeopardy. Upon waking the next morning, all I could think to myself was, “One more day to get through and it’s time for some fun with Liam.”

The Friday chaos went by quickly and Saturday had finally arrived. It was late afternoon when Liam and I dropped the kids off at their friend’s houses. On the way home, I couldn’t keep my eyes off Liam as he peered at the road in concentration. I wanted and needed him so badly that I could already feel my panties getting wet. Once we arrived home and the car was put in park, I leaned over the center console and attacked his soft lips. My left hand made its way to the back of his neck forcing his lips to remain firmly against mine. As for my right hand, it was like a magnet to the ever-growing bulge in his pants. We continued kissing passionately and Liam started panting as I rubbed his package even more vigorously. The car heated up so much that a cloudy fog formed on the car’s windows. Liam soon reached down, grabbed my hand, and said “Let’s continue this inside.”

We headed inside and Liam commanded, “Get naked, let’s take a shower together.” I removed all my clothes as instructed, then, went for his pants and unbuttoned them. His pants fell to the floor revealing his thick cock and I couldn’t resist. I dropped to my knees and took every inch of him into my mouth. It felt so good having my man back to his normal self and sucking his dick was exactly what I needed. After a few minutes had passed, I stood back up and lead Liam into the bathroom and turned the shower on for some steamy action. Once inside the shower, Liam stood behind me, grabbed a bar of soap, and lathered up his hands. Ever so slowly, his soapy hands made their way to my breasts. He squeezed and caressed my breasts with his strong hands and occasionally gently pinched at my nipples. My man knew how to get me excited! Even though hot shower water was cascading down my body, I could still feel my pussy dripping from the excitement. Liam’s right hand soon made its way down to my labia, separating it. With two of his fingers rubbing up and down against my clit, his left hand was drawn to my backside, but it felt a bit different. After a few seconds passed, I realized that Liam had grabbed the bar of soap as it felt cold and smooth against my right butt cheek. Liam continued to lather up my backside while simultaneously rubbing my clit with his other hand. Suddenly, I no longer felt the bar of soap as it was replaced by his bare hand. He took one step to his left, got in a better position, and his fingers had begun massaging my anus in circular patterns. With the dual stimulation I was receiving, I couldn’t resist and started quivering in ecstasy. My legs shook frantically and I could barely stand up on my own. I pulled away from Liam, turned around, and instantly grabbed his cock pulling him in for a kiss. As our tongues danced, I lathered up my hands and began stroking his cock hoping that he’d beg to be inside me. After a couple minutes of vigorous stroking, Liam said, “Slow down, I can’t take much more.” I pulled my hand away and asked “Is everything okay?” Liam reassured that all was well, but he was hoping to ‘save’ himself for later. We continued to soap each other up, all while having a much needed conversation reflecting on our crazy schedules that happened over the past two weeks.

Once out of the shower, Liam slipped away to get dressed for our date. As I was drying off, I realized how good it felt having my asshole played with. It occurred to me that it had been weeks, maybe months, since we had partaken in any form of anal play. I had an epiphany at that very moment…my backdoor needed to be fucked. And, come hell or high water, it was going to happen after our date! I wanted to ensure that my ‘secret’ plan would be successful and decided I’d wear a butt plug out to dinner so that my ass would be adequately prepped for Liam’s cock. While Liam slipped away from the bedroom, I quietly sneaked over to our sex toy chest and grabbed a sizable plug and made my way back to the bathroom. I lubed up the plug, inserted it, and loved feeling my asshole stretch as it swallowed every inch. I continued on with my routine of doing my hair, make-up, and slipped into a sexy black dress and heels. Soon after, Liam and I made our way out for our fun date night together.

During the car ride, I could feel the fullness of the plug every time I made the slightest of movements. About halfway to the restaurant, I could feel myself becoming wet again. It was particularly difficult keeping a straight face as thoughts about what lied ahead kept racing through my mind. Roughly 25 minutes had passed since leaving home before we arrived at our favorite restaurant. I must say, walking into the restaurant was also a bit of a challenge as the plug was doing a fine job letting me know it was there. With each stride, the plug shifted back-and-forth causing my legs to become shaky. I was so thankful when we were finally seated at our table.

Our favorite restaurant has a dungeonesque vibe to it, to which I adore. It’s very dim lit, mirrors cover elegant red walls, and the booth cushions are made of a pillow-soft, quilted black leather with buttoned accents. This place always did a fine job of putting me in a very sexual mood. Only a few minutes had passed before ordering drinks. After doing so, Liam looked at me with a puzzled facial expression, and asked “Are you feeling okay?” “You look a bit flushed and you’ve got some sweat on your forehead.” I replied, “I’m fine, I’m just having a hard time cooling down after our shower.” Liam nodded and said, “Okay, just checking.” We had so many fun conversations and shared many laughs throughout dinner…too many to count. But, each time I laughed, the plug reminded me again that it was there.

Before our main course arrived, I had to excuse myself from the table to ‘freshen up’. Once inside the bathroom stall, I found my panties completely soaked. As for me, I was so fucking horny that I could barely take it anymore. Conflicting thoughts were racing through my mind. “Should I take the plug out or leave it in?” I told myself, “Stay strong Robin, you got this.” The butt plug was becoming a literal pain in my ass, but it was a good pain. In fact, I loved wearing it. Even if I were to remove it, what was I to do with it? I didn’t have my purse with me, nor any pockets. Therefore, my only option would be to throw it away or tell Liam about it and take it out to the car. I didn’t want to spoil the surprise, nor did I want to throw it away, so I said to myself, “fuck it, I’m leaving it in.” Somehow I needed to find some relief before I returned back to our table. So, I decided to rub my clit to the point of orgasm. Much to my surprise, there was no relief whatsoever. Instead, it did the exact opposite and I had become even more aroused. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make it through the rest of our dinner without screwing Liam right there on our dinner table. Either way, I made my way back out to the table and enjoyed the rest of our dinner.

On the way home, I started making more flirtatious moves on Liam. On several occasions I caught myself petting his cock as if it were a soft kitten. At one point I removed his hand from the shifter and placed it on my crotch so he could feel how wet my panties were. By accident, I even blurted out: “I have a special surprise for you when we get home.” By the way, Liam doesn’t like surprises so the rest of the ride home was a gigantic guessing game. Luckily, none of his guesses were correct.

Upon arriving home, it was a matter of seconds before we made it to our bedroom. Moving from the car to the bedroom must’ve looked like we were running the 100 meter dash at the Olympic Games. In no time at all, we were in the bedroom sharing a passionately hot kiss. I started to undress Liam and he returned the favor. He unzipped my dress, dropped my panties, and I bent over the edge of the bed revealing the plug that was inside my ass. I looked over my shoulder as the big reveal was made. Liam’s jaw nearly hit the floor and his eyes opened wider than I’d seen in a long time. “Holy shit, have you been wearing that all night?” Liam asked. Before I could answer, he followed his own question with, “Oh, so that’s why you were flushed and sweating at dinner...makes sense to me now.” Liam moved in closer, gave me a cute little spank and asked me to roll over. Without hesitation, I rolled over on my back with my legs hanging over the edge of the bed. Liam dropped to his knees and ran his tongue through my juicy slit giving special attention to my clit. His tongue and lips felt amazing as he sucked on my clit. It got even better when he slipped two fingers inside and started gently grazing them across my g-spot. I couldn’t hold back and had orgasm number two.

I sat up after having my orgasm, grabbed Liam’s hand and pulled him towards the bed. Wrapping both hands around his neck, I pulled him in close giving him a quick kiss. I whispered to him, “Lay down.” As instructed, Liam laid down and I quickly moistened his throbbing cock with my mouth before straddling him. This was one of the moments I had been longing for…his cock inside me. There’s no greater feeling in the world for me than sliding down on his rock-hard dick. This time was especially fun considering the plug was still nestled deep inside my ass. I could feel the pressure of the plug with each pump I made and it drove me absolutely wild. Many minutes went by before noticing Liam panting and grunting. This had always been a sign that he’s getting close to the grand finale. I wasn’t ready for his load yet as my ass had not been thoroughly fucked. I climbed off Liam and crashed at his side.

As I laid there at Liam’s side, running my hands through his hair, I asked “Do you know why I’ve been wearing the plug all night?” I didn’t allow Liam to answer my question. Instead, I told him “I wore the plug to keep my ass prepared for you tonight…that’s my special surprise.” Liam immediately sat up and asked me to get in a doggy-style position. After doing so, Liam pulled on the plug as I relaxed for him. Slowly, the plug slid out and was replaced by Liam’s tongue. His wet tongue felt incredible as it massaged the muscles around my asshole. It felt even better when, yet again, his fingers rubbed away at my clit. The combination of having my asshole licked and clit played with, I couldn’t resist orgasm number three. But, I wasn’t finished with Liam yet. I stretched my body across the bed, grabbed the bottle of lube from our nightstand, and handed it to Liam. “Please fuck my ass” I said. “It’s been a long time and I miss it.” Liam pulled his tongue away, poured lube onto my ass, and entered me slowly. As he entered, I could feel every single contour of his cock and it felt amazing! Liam continued, very slowly, pumping in-and-out. Sometimes he would completely withdraw his dick and then slide it back in making me moan and my body shudder with delight. “How are you doing Baby?” Liam asked. I replied, “I’m fantastic, keep going.” Liam continued to thrust and was picking up his pace. I prepared for my thorough ass fucking and lowered my upper body to my elbows and buried my face in a pillow. Liam’s pace grew more and more rapid and so do did my hunger for more. “Fuck me hard” I screamed. His cock started ramming in and out, meanwhile, I reached between my legs having my way with my clit. The harder he fucked me, the rougher I got with my clit. On occasion, Liam would pull his cock completely out and ram it back inside my ass. By the third time he did this, I had already achieved orgasm number four.

After several minutes of Liam’s pumping and ramming, he suddenly pulled out and climbed off the bed. I rolled from my knees onto my back when suddenly he grabbed me by the ankles, dragged me to the edge of the bed, and propped a pillow underneath me. Still holding both of my ankles, he spread my legs wide and entered my ass again. Liam continued pounding away at my ass while I fingered myself and played with my clit. It was so hot and extremely intimate…our eyes locked on each other and not once did we break eye contact. As I laid there being thoroughly fucked, my moaning also grew louder. I could tell Liam was getting close to orgasm so I muttered out “Cum in my ass!” Within three or four more pumps after my command, Liam’s hot load filled my ass. As for me, I came again for the fifth time. With Liam still inside me, he gently caressed my entire front side with his hands, allowing us time to recover. After a few minutes passed, Liam withdrew his cock, climbed on the bed and tucked himself in at my side. He ran his fingers through my hair as we laid there together. I rolled to my side facing him and said, “I love you so much.” “I love you too” Liam replied. “This has been the best date night we’ve had in a very long time.”


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February 08, 2018

Holy fuck that’s hot!

Go Robin!

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