A Swinger's Extravaganza:

May 02, 2017

A Swinger's Extravaganza: Playthings

Being part of a sex-positive community has been extremely rewarding. We’ve met so many beautiful people that have shared their stories, ideas, opinions, and even a curiosity to have a sexual relationship with us. As flattering as it may be, we are strictly a monogamous couple…at least for now. Even though we are monogamous, curiosity sometimes gets the best of us and we wanted to find potential ways that swinging couples could meet.  We recently wrote the article; Basic BDSM Negotiation for a website called not realizing that their main website was an actual swingers lifestyle community. With that said, we decided to do a little more research and setup an account to take a peek into their main website. 

Getting an account setup was simple! On the main page of the website, simply click what you are (single, couple, polycule, or other). Once we selected the appropriate category for us (couple), a quick click on “Join Now” sent us to a new page to setup our username, password, location, and enter partner information. The partner information was very basic as it only asked us for our email addresses (used only for logging in), gender, sexual orientation, body type, and height. Also, you get an opportunity to write a brief introduction to establish a sincere and captivating first impression. After completing all the required information and agreeing to the terms of service, we clicked on “Log In!” and we officially became free members of  

After clicking the log in button, a new page popped up instantly showing us couples near our location. It gave us an opportunity to click “yes” or “no” if we were interested in a specific couple. Both of us were very skeptical as to how many people we would find in our immediate area. Much to our surprise, we found over 50 couples in a 10 mile radius from us. Going further out, we counted over 250 couples within a 75 mile radius. We had no clue whatsoever that we would find so many couples!

Next, we clicked on our account home button which took us to our admin screen. Surprisingly, there was a ton of information! It was here that we could add videos and photos, and update our profile. Additionally, we could review the couples we liked, people that liked us, and anyone that visited our profile. There is one caveat, in order to see visitors and people that liked us…we needed to establish a paid membership. Again, much to our surprise, the membership rates seem very affordable. A one-month membership is $19.95, 12-months is $35, or a lifetime membership is only $69 (our favorite # and one of favorite positions)! A paid membership includes full access to all of the following: video messaging, see who likes you, private albums, member homemade videos, see who visited you, threesome finder, poly finder, browse profiles invisibly, see who read your mail, change your username, advanced searching, advanced privacy setting, see who’s going to parties, see who follows whom, read/leave feedback, and attend/host parties.

Getting back to our admin screen, we also noticed an event screen where we could see events that were taking place in the near future. Also, there is a “Trending Topics” section where we could participate in a community forum-style chat (paid membership required). Other sections within our admin included suggested groups, popular pages, fun & games, and articles & information.

All-in-all, we feel that could be a great place for both new and experienced swingers to meet. Considering the fact that we met each other on a dating site, we truly believe in both online dating and online communities like this. If we were serious about swinging, we would’ve started out with a one-month membership to ensure we were getting the most from our membership. If things went well, it’s likely we would pay the life-time membership fee just to reduce long-term membership costs.

If you and your partner have been contemplating entering the vast world of swinging, we strongly encourage you to visit the site, set up a free membership, and browse around. For more information, or to setup an account, visit Or, to read some great articles, check out their swingers blog.


Thanks for reading!
Robin & Liam

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