Fight or Flight...What About F#cking?

June 21, 2016

Fight or Flight...What About F#cking?-Couples Playthings

We remember back in our college days learning about the fight or flight response in our psychology classes. When put in a stressful situation where a threat is perceived, we tend to either take the threat head on, or, we back out and run. We’re not sure about you and your relationship, but we can attest that there have been times when we’ve argued about something and one of those responses has kicked in. There are times when we dive right in with verbal blows about undone dishes, disputes on disciplining our kids, dirty clothes laying around, budgeting our money, etc. Equally, there have been times when we just don’t feel like commencing in verbal judo, instead turning into hobbits and retreating to each of our respective ‘safe havens.’ One response we think is missing is: fucking. Yeah, that’s right…fucking. The proper response should be: fight, flight or fucking. If you haven’t already guessed, we’re going to talk about make-up sex.  

When single, everything is about you. There’s nobody there to argue different viewpoints nor tell you to do something. You have complete control. Well, things change when you’ve found the right person and enter into a relationship with them. Suddenly, you realize that each of you have different viewpoints and ideas. Each of you may have different ways of doing things. Things at first seem to be a utopia filled with rainbows and daisies. Then, things start to get real. You move in together, share the same space, and deeper discussions take place. Ultimately, at some point, there’s a disagreement followed by an argument. Then, each of you possibly head to separate rooms or commence the situation with verbal jabs at each other. Before you know it, the damage is done and can’t be taken back. It’s at that time you have to figure out how to make things right. Well, what are you going to do?

In this article, we’re going to give some pointers about having great make-up sex. First and foremost, we’ve learned that make-up sex can put you in a state of bliss. Although make-up sex does not always solve the issue, it certainly helps bring each other back to an even playing field where the two of you are now calm, and hopefully, can get back on the right track.

Make-up sex can be very passionate, yet very confusing. Arguing and fighting often ends in a bitter stalemate. During the argument, people often tend to try and talk over one another. Do your best to speak your mind, but do so carefully. Once finished, let your partner talk and share their viewpoint. Once they’re finished, simply try to give them an unexpected compliment. Say something like “I love you”, or, “You’re really sexy right now.” Statements like these can often confuse your partner. Follow your statement with an apology regardless if you are right or wrong. Your partner will either accept, or deny, your futile attempt at apologizing.

After apologizing, try invading their personal space. Get close to your partner and attempt to hold them in a comforting way. Try closing in from behind and wrap your arms around them. Or, move in closer facing them and reach for both of their arms. At this point, it’s best to read your partner’s reaction. If they push you away, you can safely assume that your partner is not ready to make-up yet. Try again to apologize to them.

If your partner allows you to get close, take it one step further. Try kissing their neck or somewhere that is a turn-on for them. Again, simply apologize between kisses. Hopefully your partner reciprocates by kissing back, or trying to embrace you. Hopefully at this point your partner, and you, have started to take some of that anger and turned it into arousal. Keep moving things forward with heavier touching, and more compliments, until you clearly see that they are becoming aroused. Nobody knows your partner better than you. You should easily be able to tell from their expressions, reactions and body posture that it’s safe to move forward. If they are showing signs of retaliation, it’s best to wait things out as it may not be the right time for make-up sex.

If things continue in a positive direction, hopefully the two of you are now able to feel the sexual tension between each other. Now’s the time to go for it. Take your partner by the hand and lead them into the bedroom. Help them out of their clothes and onto the bed. At this point, make the experience all about them. Take a moment to show off your best oral skills on them, or, tear your clothes off and let the sexual healing begin. For us, we sometimes discuss the details of our disagreement while in the middle of our sexual escapade. Doing this allows us to resolve the issue while in a positive state of arousal. Sometimes we get angry during our discussion which leads us to release our tension with more powerful thrusting, leading to greater pleasure for both of us. There's nothing wrong with angry sex as long as your not trying to hurt your partner. However, there are other times that we do not discuss the issue and just focus on some really hot sex.

After our make-up sex is over, we usually feel so much more at ease with each other. Make-up sex has proved for us that we are able to be more forgiving towards one another and able to express our feelings more easily. Often times, we both come to the realization just how petty our argument was and how truly important our relationship is. If we haven’t already settled the argument, we are now able to discuss things more rationally while coming down from our emotional high brought about by our steamy make-up sex session.

For those of you that currently have great make-up sex, we applaud you. If you are currently in a relationship and haven’t tried make up sex, we strongly encourage you to give it a try the next time you have an argument. Hopefully things go great and both of you can appreciate how wonderful make-up sex can be for your relationship. Good luck!


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