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Talk Dirty to Me!

April 26, 2016

Talk Dirty to Me!

Are you looking for a way to spice up you and your partner’s mood in (and out of) the bedroom? If so, a little bit of ‘dirty talk’ may help take your bedroom fun to the next level. Don’t get us wrong, silent/quiet foreplay and sex can be really great, but there’s something about talking dirty that can really heighten your sexual experience. Many of us lead very busy lives, and by the day’s end, we’re just too tired to have sex. Our head hits the pillow and we’re out like a light before anything exciting can happen. We often see ebbs and flows in our own sexual relationship and we’ve come up with ways to make it more interesting. One of the ways we’ve created more sexual anticipation, desire and arousal is through dirty talk. We’ve put together a Q&A guide below to help you understand more about dirty talk.

What exactly is dirty talk?

Dirty talk is a form of communication between lovers that involves using sexual phrases to heighten you and your partner’s mood and sexual pleasure. When in the heat of the moment, dirty talk is a healthy and exciting way of expressing needs and desires. A little bit of dirty talk can go a long way as it can stimulate your partner’s senses and boost sexual confidence ultimately leading to a better experience, and possibly, a healthier sexual relationship. Not only is dirty talk a wonderful practice during sex, it’s also something that can be done beforehand as well. Dirty talk can be very soft-core, or, can be very hard-core for those that feel comfortable. We’ll dive into both soft-core and hard-core dirty talk in greater detail in just a bit.

When should I talk dirty?

For us, dirty talk is done almost daily and at many different times throughout the day. Most dirty talk is done before sex during foreplay and while having sex. To add some excitement and anticipation, we even go so far as to talk dirty in the morning before work and through text messages while at work. While getting ready for work, one of us often whispers in the other’s ear, “I want you so bad.” Wow, does this ever make it difficult to leave for the day! Short phrases like these are very powerful and can create anticipation for what’s to come later. It’s pretty common for us to receive a text message during our workday as well. Robin may send a text saying “I’m getting wet just thinking about you.” Or, Liam might fire away with a text like “You’re all mine tonight.” Those types of messages get us so excited and keep us thinking about each other throughout the day. During foreplay, nothing excites us more than hearing the phrase “I want you inside me right now”, or, “I wanna make you cum hard.”  During sex, dirty talk can be a really great way to express your wants such as “fuck me harder”, or, "slow down, I don't want you to cum yet."  It can also be a time to complement your partner. Complements like “I love the way you suck my cock”, or, “you're so good with your tongue” always seems to make us feel appreciated. By now, hopefully you are understanding just how powerful a little bit of dirty talk can be.

How do we begin to start talking dirty?

As we always say, communication is key. It never hurts to let your partner know beforehand that you have plans to ‘change things up.’ Maybe let him, or her, know that you want to express yourself with some dirty talk. When starting out, much like learning to swim, start out in the shallow end with some soft-core talk before diving into the deep end with hard-core, more explicit, talk. With starting anything new, expect things to feel a bit uncomfortable. However, with a little bit of patience and practice, you and your partner will soon learn to embrace dirty talk when each of you are in the mood. Remember one thing, don’t force yourself, or your partner, if not genuinely interested in it. Again, start lightly and see how things go. In our opinion, dirty talk should come very naturally. Be yourself and say things as they come to your mind.

Are there any other dirty talk tips that I should know?

Of course! We always have tips and suggestions to make your relationship, and dirty talk, more enjoyable. Here are some tips to remember:

  • Use sounds. Dirty talk is not only about using words. Be sure to use sounds. If you like what’s happening, add a nice moan, sigh or groan. If things are getting a bit heated, let that scream out loud.
  • Use a proper tone. If you are feeling a bit dominant, be sure to sound a bit more harsh and commanding. On the flip side, if you’re in the submissive mood, talk quietly or in a gentle whisper.
  • Have boundaries. Like most of us, there may be some words that could be a complete mood killer. Communicate with your partner and let each other know which words are off limits. Some couples love using harsh words while others may be offended.
  • Say phrases with confidence. When talking dirty to your partner, you’re more likely to be successful speaking with confidence. Avoid stuttering or saying them too quickly. Turn your partner on and build positive sexual tension…say it like you mean it!

What are some good examples of dirty talk?

There are so many things that you and your partner can say to each other. We’ve listed 30 wonderful examples of dirty talk phrases below. You’ll notice behind each phrase is a ‘hint’ when to use them. Additionally, we’ve indicated whether each phrase is soft or hard-core. 

  1. "I need to feel you inside me" - foreplay; soft-core
  2. “I want you right now” – foreplay; soft-core
  3. “Fuck me fast and hard” – during sex; hard-core
  4. “Do you like how I’m fucking you?” – during sex; hard-core
  5. “You make me so wet/hard” – foreplay; soft-core
  6. “I wanna feel your hot load” – during sex; soft-core
  7. “Lick my juicy pussy now” – foreplay; hard-core
  8. “Ride my hard cock” – during sex; hard-core
  9. “I love the way you touch me” foreplay or sex; soft-core
  10. “Shut up and take it like a good boy/girl” – during sex or foreplay; hard-core
  11. “I’ve been naughty, please punish me” – during foreplay; soft-core
  12. “I want your hard cock in my mouth now” – during foreplay; hard-core
  13. “You are so sexy” – during foreplay, sex, or anytime; soft-core
  14. “Shoot your load all over me” – during sex; hard-core
  15. “You’re my little fuck slave” – foreplay or sex; hard-core
  16. “Make me your little cum slut” – foreplay or sex; hard-core
  17. “Fuck my face” – foreplay or sex; hard-core
  18. “I love making you feel good” – foreplay, sex or anytime; soft-core
  19. “My wet pussy loves your hot cock” – during sex; hard-core
  20. “I wanna taste you” – foreplay or sex; soft-core
  21. “Take me however you’d like” – foreplay or sex; soft-core
  22. “I want to hear you scream my name” – during sex; hard-core
  23. “Fuck me like you mean it” – during sex; hard-core
  24. “Use me like your fuck toy” – foreplay or sex; hard-core
  25. “I like that…keep going” – foreplay or sex; soft-core
  26. “You’re so hot/gorgeous” – foreplay or sex; soft-core
  27. “That’s it baby, keep working that pussy/cock” – foreplay or sex; hard-core
  28. “Tell me how good my pussy/cock tastes” – foreplay; hard-core
  29. “Don’t cum until I tell you to” – during sex; hard-core
  30. “I want you to beg for this wet pussy/hard cock” – foreplay; hard-core

Well, we’ve given you some great information to get started talking dirty with your partner. This could be a great addition to your bedroom repertoire so please experiment, enjoy each other, and have fun!


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 Thanks again,
 Robin & Liam

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