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July 19, 2016

Get Electrified!-Couples Playthings

Who would’ve ever thought passing electrical current through the human body, especially the genitals, could produce sexual pleasure? Well, someone thought of it, put it into practice, and now it’s become very popular for many couples. If you’ve heard the term ‘electro sex’, or ‘e-stim’ (aka: electrical stimulation), then it’s most-likely referencing (and defined by) the first sentence of this article. If you and your partner are interested in electro sex/e-stim, you’ve definitely come to the right place! Below is a beginner's guide to help you safely get started.

How exactly does electric current get passed through the body to create sexual pleasure?

First and foremost, the human body has billions, possibly even trillions, of nerve endings. These nerve endings transmit impulses to our brain. The brain then interprets those impulses often resulting in a feeling of pleasure, or pain. Our genitals are no different, in fact, we often have more nerve endings in our genitals and erogenous zones than other parts of the body. To transmit electrical impulses to your nerves, special devices are needed…a power unit and an electrode. The power unit sends electrical current to the electrodes which have isolated areas called poles: a positive pole and a negative pole. The electrical current flows from the positive pole to the negative pole of the toy, often through the shortest path between the two poles. The nerves in the skin and tissue that touches the electrode, or is between the two poles, picks up the electrical impulses and sends them to the brain. The brain then interprets the signal as a sensation, which is what we feel.

What is needed for electro sex/e-stim play?

To get started with electro sex, you need a power box and an attachment.  The power unit, otherwise sometimes known as a TENS unit, is responsible for generating the electrical impulse. The attachment receives and transfers the electrical impulses to your skin and surrounding tissues creating the pleasurable stimulation. You can find a wide arrangement of attachments designed to focus on specific body parts. Some attachments are for nipples, while others can be inserted into the vagina and/or anus. There are also massage gloves available as well as harnesses for the penis. You can also find toys available that do not require a power box such as e-stim vibrators. Or, you can start with an electro wand kit that includes several different attachments. Some wand massagers now have e-stim as an added feature! 

Is electro sex/e-stim play safe?

Electrical stimulation is very safe if done properly. However, if you or your partner have an electric pacemaker, insulin pump or any other electric/metallic medical implant, please avoid electrical stimulation. Additionally, please avoid electrical stimulation if you are pregnant. Be sure to never place electrodes/attachments where electric current will pass directly through the heart, brain or throat. Before using your new e-stim device, always completely read the directions to ensure proper use. If you require additional information, please feel free to ask us or reach out directly to the manufacturer.

What steps should I take when using my electrical stimulation device?

  • Always make sure the device is turned off.
  • Remove any/all metal jewelry before playing.
  • Insert or place the toy on the specific body part before powering the device.
  • When powering the device, start on the lowest setting/intensity.
  • Change intensities slowly, do not crank up too quickly.
  • If the intensity becomes too painful, either turn the intensity down or completely shut the device off.
  • When finished, always shut the electrical current off before letting go of an attachment.
  • Always properly clean your attachments/device after use.

Electrical stimulation play should be an enjoyable and pleasant experience. At the lowest intensities, stimulation will feel very light and gentle. Some people prefer higher intensities which can feel like sharp pin pricks or sometimes become painful. Everyone has different reactions to stimulation and different preferences…please always stay within intensities that you find pleasant. We recommend stopping all e-stim play if it becomes painful and unbearable. There is a myth that e-stim is only for BDSM and is a torture method to bring pain to the receiver. This is untrue and, as stated above, can be a very erotic and pleasurable experience. If you are hesitant because you think it will be painful, or you’re a freak for enjoying e-stim, think again. We highly recommend giving it a try. 

Couples Playthings offers a wide variety of electrical stimulation products. Please click here to browse their entire selection. As always, if you have any product questions or need a recommendation, please email us and we’ll be happy to help.


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