Erotic Massage: You Have to Try It!

June 14, 2016

Erotic Massage: You Have to Try It!-Couples Playthings

Body massage can be a great way to keep your mental and physical health in better shape. Massage can help relieve stress and anxiety which can result in a more happy and healthy you. To take things a step further, have you or your partner given thought to erotic massage? You know what we’re talking about right? The massage with a “happy ending”…sound familiar? Erotic massage, simply put, is massaging a person’s erogenous zones to enhance sexual arousal and excitement, often resulting in an orgasm.  If you’ve ever gone to a professional massage therapist, it can sometimes be awkward for some people to have a stranger rub your naked body. On the other hand, we know people that wish they could finish with a happy ending. However, due to one reason or another, massage therapists often do not offer erotic massages. In fact, many professionals are offended by associating massage with sex, even if it is just a joke. With that said, we encourage couples to try erotic massage on each other in your own home.

A couple of years ago, we purchased our own massage table with the intent to give massages to each other after a rough day at work or intense workout at the gym. We purchased a portable table that could easily be folded up and packed away in a closet or storage room. As it turns out, we just so happened to discover erotic massage by accident during one of our massage sessions. Robin had been laying face-up on the table and her shoulders were being worked on. Liam’s fingertips just happened to graze her nipples which sent her from a relaxed state to a sexually excited one. Robin’s reaction lead to an amazing night of erotic massage. We both took turns massaging each other and it was a night neither of us will ever forget.

A massage table is not necessary for erotic massage. You can lay on the floor, or bed, and still have a great time. We prefer a table as it allows for easier access to your partner. Over the past year, we’ve really come to love our table. In fact, Liam calls it our “Love Altar.” Or maybe it isn’t the table we love, instead it is the massages that we give each other. Erotic massage is really exciting. For us, it can last fifteen minutes or as long as an hour. We’ve found that the longer we play, the more tired we feel afterwards. Erotic massage may not be for everyone so we first recommend trying it out on each other in bed or on a couch. Once you’ve tried it a few times and like it, we really encourage you to try it on a massage table, if available. If one isn’t available, we recommend investing in one. They are totally worth the price. In fact, you can usually get a well-built sturdy table for less than $250.

Here is a list of items you should consider purchasing to have the most pleasurable erotic massage experience.

  • Portable massage table – allows for easier access to your partner
  • Massage table sheets/blanket – makes laying on the table more relaxing
  • Massage oil – an absolute must for any massage. We enjoy using pure natural coconut or almond oils. These oils are very healthy for skin.
  • Candle or dim lamp – we have the best experience when in a low-lit room. One candle or dim lamp can be very relaxing. Not to forget, the person giving the massage needs to be able to see what they are doing.
  • Blindfold – keeping the eyes covered can be very relaxing especially when in a bright room. A blindfold can be a nice thing to have if you plan on having some sensory play as well.
  • Massage wands & toys – Hands and fingers can be a lot of fun, but adding a powerful wand or your favorite vibrator can make things a lot more interesting!

You don’t have to be a professional massage therapist to give your partner a really great massage. In fact, sometimes being clueless can lead to bigger and better discoveries, often resulting in a really great massage. Touch, lick, and kiss all over your partner’s body. You’ll be surprised how many new hot spots you’ll find. For example, one time Liam was face down on the massage table. While rubbing his leg, Robin kissed the back side of his leg directly behind the knee and it drove him wild! Never before had that area been touched, but now we have another spot to heat things up quickly. When massaging your partner, be very mindful of their movements and the sounds they make as these will be great indicators whether they like what you are doing. Most of the time we start out with a full-body massage and avoid erogenous zones as we like to save those for the end. Sometimes we do mix it up and spend a few seconds on an erogenous zone during a normal body massage. The most important thing to remember is take it slow and have fun!

If you want to learn about specific tips and techniques, there are many erotic massage books available online and in bookstores. We highly recommending owning a copy to reference. As with any couples play, always be sure to communicate, be respectful, and have fun together!


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Robin & Liam

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