Lubrication 101

July 05, 2016

Lubrication 101-Couples Playthings

There are so many different lubricant types and brands sold today. Lube can be a very important part to maintain your sexual well-being. There are so many uses for lubes including, but not limited to: masturbation, toy play, anal play, etc. Lubricants can also assist with keeping your skin rejuvenated. For women, lubes can be used to replace natural lubricants during menopause.

If you’ve struggled with discomfort or irritation during sexual play, a good lubrication could be your solution. However, some lubricants can also be the problem. Every person’s skin is different and there really is not a specific lube that works great for everyone. Be sure to check the ingredients for those that may cause allergies. Do a bit of research before buying a larger quantity of lubricant. It never hurts to buy smaller sample sizes until you find the right product that works for you.

Below is an in-depth guide to the various types of lubricants.


These types of lubricants are very body-safe and cannot be absorbed into the skin. They are hypoallergenic and will stay on the body for an extended period of time and not dry out. One great thing, if you’re interested in being naughty in water, silicone lubricant will stay on in water. Silicone is extremely slick and is perfect for all sexual play. There is one major downfall with silicone lubricants…they cannot be used with silicone toys. This can cause the toy’s material to deteriorate. Many high-end silicone toys are made from “medical grade” silicone and some manufacturers make claim that silicone lubes will not break down the silicone in the toy. Some higher end silicone toys can cost in excess of $100. Do you really want to take a chance and destroy it? We do not take this chance with our silicone toys. These lubes are also completely safe to be used with latex condoms and dams. Silicone-based lubes tend to be the pricier of lubricants but well worth the money if you discover the right one.


Lubricants that are water-based are safe to use with all toys. These lubricants tend to be somewhat thicker and provide a more “creamy” feel. From our own experience, we have found that these lubes work best for anal play as it provides a very comfortable cushiony feeling. Water-based lubes can tend to dry out so it is always a good idea to have plenty on hand…especially for longer play periods. If you notice that the lube is starting to dry out, rest assured, it can be revived instantly by adding a bit of water or saliva. Unlike the silicone lubes, these will not last when in the hot tub as they are water-soluble. Be very cautious when purchasing some of these lubes as some contain the ingredient glycerin. Glycerin can sometimes trigger bacterial infections such as yeast infections. These lubes are safe to be used with latex condoms and oral dams. Water-based lubes are often cheaper than silicone lubes.

Hybrid lubes

If you’re a fan of show The Originals…no, we’re not talking about part werewolf and part vampire. These lubes are water-based and have a small amount of silicone as an additional ingredient. Hybrid lubes give you the slick feeling of a silicone lubricant while paired with a creamier feeling of the water-based. We’ve noticed while doing research on these lubes, they are often referred to as “silk” lubes. Much like water-based lubes, these can also be used with silicone toys since there are only small traces of silicone in them. These lubricants are often cheaper than silicone yet more expensive than water-based.


Lubricants that contain oils are primarily used for foreplay and massage…especially great for hand-jobs. Oil-based lubes are not recommended for intercourse as they are not easy to get off. Oils can pick up foreign particles, including bacteria, very easily and stick with the oil. Remember, if you are using oil-based for intercourse, these will damage condoms. Oil-based lubes deteriorate anything made of latex. These lubes are often cheaper than those listed above.


Most unflavored lubes taste absolutely gross. For this reason, flavored lubes have been developed to add a little spark to oral adventures. To our surprise, many of these lubes actually tasted really good! Of course, it can take some trial-and-error to find the one that works for you. These lubes are completely safe and edible. Flavored lubes tend to be water-based and work well for any type of sexual play. Be cautious as some have glycerin, which is a derivative of sugar and can cause yeast infections.

Warming & Cooling

These lubricants are great for some additional sensations. Warming lubricants often contain small amounts of capsaicin which is the primary source for causing the warming sensations. With cooling lubricants, mint or menthol are found in small amounts which produce the cooling sensations. If choosing this type of lubricant, I would start with a small amount. These can often provide great sensitivity, especially in women, and in some cases, discomfort. We recommend that you perform a “patch test” on another part of the body before directly applying to the genitals.


Last but not least, organic lubricants are great for people who have problems with reactions to other types of lubes. Natural lubricants often contain ingredients like vitamin E, aloe vera and carrageenan. Organic lubes are long-lasting and are becoming increasingly popular for those trying to avoid artificial chemicals. Most organics are compatible with latex, however, please be sure to read labels to know exactly what you are getting.

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