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25 Hot Ideas to Spark Your Relationship

February 09, 2016

25 Hot Ideas to Spark Your Relationship

Often times, sex can be exciting and very frisky at the beginning of a new relationship. Over time, for many couples, sex can become monotonous and passion and ecstasy get lost. Regardless of how long you’ve been in your relationship…passion, excitement, ecstasy, and romance should always remain an important part. With everyone leading such busy lives, it is very easy for things to fade. Are you feeling like it’s time to bring back the excitement? Are you feeling frisky? Ready to get naughty and kinky? Try these new and fresh ideas to bring back the spark in your relationship.

#1  Place a full length mirror, or mirrors, in your bedroom so you can watch each other during play. It can be really erotic seeing yourself and partner in action from a different angle.

#2  Incorporate a little bit of food play in the bedroom. Grab that whip cream and chocolate syrup out of the fridge and have a good time! Phallic-shaped veggies can also be used as a “homemade” dildo. It could get messy so make sure to have some spare sheets on hand.

#3  Try some role playing. Pretend to be a plumber on a service call. Check your partner’s “pipes” to make sure the plumbing is good. Has it been a while since your last physical? Maybe a little doctor/patient appointment is needed!

#4  Sensory deprivation can be quite erotic. Grab a blindfold so your partner cannot see what is going on. Take it a step further and put some sexy music on your phone. Plug in your headphones or earbuds and place those on your blindfolded partner. Not being able to see and hear what is going on around you can make you very excited!

#5  Are you travelling somewhere? If so, give a little road head. Better yet, have your passenger tilt their seat back and play with their naughty bits. But remember, keep your eyes on the road and don’t text and drive! You could always find a dirt road and have some hot sex on the hood…

#6  Check in your house and closets for some silk ties, rope, or whatever you can find to tie your partner up. Have some fun with your lover while they lay there helpless. Some light bondage can be a lot of fun.

#7  Find a park bench or picnic table. Drop those drawers and go to town! A little quickie in a public place can be very risky and exciting. You’ll be able to laugh and reminisce about that for years to come.

#8  Grab a Kamasutra book and try some new positions. Make it a game and try to do every position in the book. It will take some time to get through them all so there will be no reason to be “bored!”

#9  Buy some massage oil, a candle and a few of your favorite toys to incorporate into some erotic massage sessions. Take turns massaging every square inch of your partner and bring them to orgasm. You could also buy a folding massage table that is easily storable when not in use.

#10  Give your partner some anal attention. Whether it be some light massaging to the back door or full-on penetration, it can be a very sensual and orgasmic experience. Many people that partake in anal play report having more frequent and intense orgasms. Be sure to use lots of lube!

#11  While your partner is sleeping, try to sexually arouse them. Massage his penis or rub her labia and clitoris. If they don’t sleep with clothes on, give them oral. There’s nothing better than waking up having this going on!

#12  Go in your bedroom alone to masturbate. Leave the door cracked open so your partner can peek in to watch you. Teasing your partner with some solo play will excite them and they may want to jump in and “help” you out.

#13  A little S&M can be very erotic. Purchase a flogger or crop and give your partner a “love tap” with it. Put your partner over your knee and spank their ass for being naughty. Always make sure your play is safe, sane and consensual.

# 14  Use some of your favorite sex toys on each other. There is a wide variety of toys available that focus on all erogenous zones. Grab a g-spot vibrator, prostate massager or wand massager and give your partner the big “O!”

#15  Pick an agreed upon location such as a bar for you and your partner to meet. Pretend to be single. Hit on your partner and take them back home with you for a “one night stand.” Make it an all-night sexcapade!

#16  Take an ice and rub the ice all over your partner and their genitals until it completely melts. Or, grab a feather tickler and tickle your partner’s sensitive places with it. Have some fun with sensory play and make them squirm.

#17  Make love under the stars. Grab a large blanket and head out to the countryside. Lay your partner down and have magical sex under the stars. Enjoy the glow of the moon on your partner’s glistening body.

#18  Play with a strapon. Anal sex can be one-sided for many couples. Try being the receiver and not just the giver. You might be pleasantly surprised by how wonderful it feels! This can also build a greater trust in each other.

#19  Talk dirty and have rough sex. Romantic love-making can very spiritual, but so can this! Grab your partner and push them on the bed. Remove their clothes and have a rough go at it. Whisper dirty little things in their ear.

#20  Make your partner sit down in a comfortable spot and perform a strip tease for them. Get up-close and personal and make them beg for more! If you are feeling really frisky, take it one step further and purchase a dance pole and turn the bedroom into your own little night club.

#21  Find a new spot other than the bedroom to play. Have some sexy fun on a staircase or on the dining room table. Spice things up and make love in the living room. Wherever the place may be, just move out of the bedroom!

#22  Boss your partner around. There’s nothing wrong with having some dominance and submission play. Make your partner your “slave” and make them do kinky things to you…and do kinky things to them.

#23  Have a quickie. Sneak into the laundry room while the kids are outside playing and get it on. Pop into the bathroom while your lover is getting ready for work and give them some hot action before a stressful day at work. You won’t regret having a healthy quickie from time to time.

#24  Discuss you and your partner’s hottest fantasies. Take the best parts from each of your fantasy and merge them together. Then, have fun and act it out together.

#25  Try hands-free love making. Not touching your lover is extremely hard and will take lots of self-control. Take a gamble and up the ante…also try to not make a sound while having sex. Holding back is very hard and can really make everything much more intense.

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